How to upload assignment

How to upload or complete an assignment online.

Login and go to your course.

Click on the assignment link. It is the link with an icon with a hand.

First step to upload assignment

You will no go to a screen what describes the assignment. On this screen you will notice that it states the assignment has not yet been submitted or it has been submitted (blue arrow).

To edit the assignment online or to upload a Word or PDF document that you have prepared offline click on “Edit submission”.

Step 2 to upload assignment

You will now find the following screen where you can edit or upload your assignment. When done SAVE your assignment on the system by clicking on “Save changes”. IF YOU DO NOT CLICK ON SAVE CHANGES YOU ASSIGNMENT WILL NOT BE SAVED ON THE SYSTEM.

Step 3 to upload assignment

This will bring you back to the assignment page. At this stage you can still make changes to your assignment or upload additional documents. Once you are done with the assignment click on “Submit assignment”. ONCE YOU HAVE CLICKED ON SUBMIT ASSIGNMENT YOU WILL NO LONGER BE ABLE TO MAKE ANY CHANGES TO YOUR ASSIGNMENT.

Step 4 to upload assignment

You will now have a screen where you have to vink on the statement that the work submitted is your own work.

Step 5 to upload assignment

Click in the box provided and then click on “continue”.

Step 6 to upload assignment

This will bring you back to the original assignment screen. Note that this time it will indicate that the assignment was submitted for grading.

Step 7 to upload assignment

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