Practical on-site training

Practical training at your location on your equipment.

Learn how to choose the correct settings on your laser for each individual client.

The average treatment course for permanent laser hair removal consists of 8 treatments for Fitzpatrick skin types 2 and 3, and can go up to 14 treatments for skin types 5 and 6. Each treatment, even on the same person, must be individually tailored to achieve optimal results.

How does the Fitzpatrick skin type affect the treatment?

The skin type determines the initial fluence for the first treatment, as well as the increase in fluence between treatments. With this, the skin type also indirectly determines the amount of treatments needed to complete a treatment course.

What effect does the fluence and pulse duration have on a treatment?

The fluence and pulse duration interaction is very important. For successful treatment, the hair root must be hot enough for a minimum duration.

The fluence determines how hot the hair root gets and the pulse duration must ensure that this heat stays on for the correct time.

What influence does the frequency have?

The frequency is set according to the treatment technique. The gliding technique requires a totally different frequency than the stepping technique.

The frequency also has a very important influence on the client’s experience and the protection of the epidermis during the treatment.

What influence do the hair growth cycles have?

For permanent laser hair removal you can only kill the dermal papilla that are in the active growth phase. By following an optimal schedule for the body part being treated, one gets an effect where hair in the growth phase is concentrated.

This schedule differs from body part to body part. By not setting the correct schedule during a treatment course, one has only temporary results, with very little permanent hair reduction.

The hair growth cycles are not the same for every person and the therapist needs to know how to adjust the treatment for the individual hair growth cycles.

Are the parameter settings the same for each treatment in a treatment course?

NO. The treatment parameter settings must be adjusted with each treatment in the course to ensure a successful outcome for the individual treatment, and thus a successful outcome for the overall course.

Can different body parts with different hair growth cycles and melanin density be treated in the same treatment?

It is possible if the therapist defines each body part as a separate treatment course. In some treatment sessions it will be possible to treat the different areas together and in some not.

The fluence must be adjusted for the melanin density of each individual area.

The manufacturer knows the best settings to use for their equipment. How can you say that the presets are not correct?

We’re not saying that. The presets are the manufacturer’s recommendations for the first treatment of the treatment course. Since it is a recommendation, you still need to make the adjustments to optimize the individual treatment.

The fact that it is only a recommendation for the first treatment is very important to remember. The parameters must be adjusted for each treatment in the treatment course.

The presets are not intended to be used for the second and subsequent treatments. THEY ONLY INDICATE THE STARTING POINT.

What can one expect from a LaserCollege training on location?

An on-site training consists of two components.

The first is an in-depth science course offered online. This allows you to learn at your own pace, from anywhere that suits you.

Many people have a first impression of; laser hair removal is a very technical affair and there is actually very little to know outside of how to operate the device. It’s a total misperception.

A professional laser therapist has in-depth knowledge of the technology, biology, the laser-tissue interaction, treatment parameters and laser safety. This knowledge is device independent and applies to any treatment regardless of the brand or model of device used during a treatment.

The second component is the optimal application of the theoretical knowledge with your own device. For this we come to you and teach you how to get the best out of your laser.

We teach you how to set up your laser correctly. Some people may think that the dealer of the equipment will know best, and have already taught them. In practice, it works somewhat differently.

Most distributors have no practical background in selecting equipment and then blindly accept the manufacturer’s training, if any training go with a distributorship. Today it is customary to import equipment from China without any training or strings attached. The distributor does receive a very poorly translated instruction from Chinese to English.

In practice, we find that it is only distributors with distribution agencies of well-known brands such as Alma or Luminus (there are others as well) who effectively receive and offer quality training. So, the expensive equipment that is less commonly seen in clinics.

The next challenge is to get around the “my device is the best and can do everything” bias. Even the most expensive devices are task specific and best in certain circumstances, not all circumstances. In a ‘real life’ clinic it is seldom that the ideal conditions occur. Thus, the therapist must always find a balance between optimal results and actual facts and circumstances.

If you are not trained to optimally use your device, you have a ‘blind spot’ which can always lead to inferior results. It is not often that we come across a distributor who offers a non-biased training and teaches the therapist to deal with the weaknesses of the laser they’ve sold her.

How is it possible that LaserCollege can provide training on any and every make of laser?

A very good question.

Over the years we have built up a large library of knowledge about various laser machines and are also known by most equipment distributors and many manufacturers. Most manufacturers have no problem talking to us and sharing information on how to get the best out of their equipment.

Furthermore, there is a fixed set of treatment parameters. These parameters have already been thoroughly researched by several universities worldwide. We base our training primarily on these studies. With this knowledge you can set up and use any laser to obtain the optimal result.

We have practical experience in a ‘real life’ laser clinic. All our trainers have real experience.

Do you have to complete the online course first before you can do the practical training?

No. You can book the practical training at any time during the online theoretical course.

What can one expect from a LaserCollege training on location?

    • Enrollment in the Advanced Laser Hair Removal Therapist online course.

    • One day of practical training at your location with your equipment.

    • A certificate “ADVANCED LASER HAIR REMOVAL THERAPIST” when you complete the online course.

    • A certificate “OPTIMIZING LASER HAIR REMOVAL” when you complete the practical training.

    • The Textbook for Aesthetic Laser Therapy.

    • The book, Aesthetic Laser Treatments – Insider Secrets.

Program for the practical training day at your location.

To start with.

We start the day with an observation of the techniques you are currently using. You perform a treatment on your own laser in your own clinic. Then we evaluate and discuss the treatment with emphasis on your technique.

Build a foundation.

Theory of permanent hair removal. We discuss the scientific and biological principles that make permanent hair removal with laser and IPL possible. Then we go through the treatment parameters and explain how each parameter affects the hair removal process.

We end this session with a review of the ideal protocol for permanent hair removal on your device. We then teach you how to set up your device correctly for every skin and hair type.

Different techniques.

After a short break we are ready to discuss and demonstrate the different techniques for permanent hair removal. This includes working with a skin cooling device, ice packs, working with gel, static versus gliding techniques, overlapping of pulses, etc.


Next, we’ll get to work practicing the concepts and techniques we’ve been discussing over the course of the morning. The emphasis here is on the techniques that are best suited to the specific machine you are using and that will provide the best results to the client.

In the end.

Finally, we give an overview of the theory and how it should be applied in practice. We answer your questions and go over the techniques that are still uncertain.

Training models to work on.

You need to arrange two or three models for the training day. The first model must be in the morning before the starting session. In this case, a treatment such as underarms is suitable to show your technique.

The second (and third) models are needed for the afternoon from 13:00. Here it is good to have a model who wants to treat a large area, such as legs for a lady or back/abdomen-chest for a man. This gives the opportunity to practice the techniques well.

The third model is best to be a typical treatment that you have a lot of trouble with. Try to use models that represent the vast majority of your clients. For example, if your clients are evenly split male and female, have at least one model of each gender. Or if you have a lot of darker-skinned clients, get at least one darker-skinned model.

It is important that your models should not be rushed so that you can take enough time to practice the techniques.

More than a one-day training.

When you book your practical training, you will also be enrolled for the Advanced Laser Hair Removal Therapist online course. This ensures that you get the most out of your training day. The more of the online course you complete in advance, the less time to spend on theory during the training day, and the better prepared you are to get the most value.

Online course overview

Laser physics textbook = 150 min.

Module assignment = 480 min.

Introduction to laser = 6 min.

Laser components = 3 min.

How laser light is generated = 30 min.

Stimulated emission = 1 min.

Laser cavity = 4 min.

How to apply the treatment parameters to your machine = 120 min.

Module evaluation = 210 min. learning + 30 min. test

Radiation-tissue interaction textbook = 30 min.

Module assignment = 480 min.

Interaction of radiation with matter = 75 min.

Light-tissue interactions = 60 min.

Module evaluation = 210 min. learning + 30 min. test

Laser safety textbook = 60 min.

Module assignment = 480 min.

Specular and diffuse reflection 1 = 12 min.

Specular and diffuse reflection 2 = 8 min.

Laser safety video = 8 min.

Laser safety video 2 = 60 min.

Eye hazard = 4 min.

Laser glasses = 10 min.

Module evaluation = 210 min. learning + 30 min. test

Legal issues textbook = 30 min.

Module assignment = 480 min.

Safety checklist = 15 min.

How to Master the Client Consult = 35 min.

Laser hair removal over a tattoo = 3 min.

Class IV lasers and IPL’s textbook = 75 min.

Module assignment = 480 min.

Laser hair removal, an overview = 25 min.

IPL vs Laser = 12 min.

IPL hair removal = 2 min.

Laser hair removal = 5 min.

Laser hair removal 2 = 1 min.

Laser – male facial hair removal = 5 min.

Diode laser hair removal = 2 min.

Skin cooling = 75 min.

Module evaluation = 210 min. learning + 30 min. test

Skin biology textbook = 30 min.

Module assignment = 480 min.

The skin = 5 min.

Fritzpatric skin types = 5 min.

Understanding Fritzpatric skin types = 55 min.

How to cleanse your skin = 3 min.

Module evaluation = 210 min. learning + 30 min. test

Hair biology textbook = 30 min.

Module assignment = 480 min.

Hair biology video = 4 min.

Hair growth = 20 min.

Hair growth cycle = 1 min.

The hair follicle = 4 min.

Module evaluation = 210 min. learning + 30 min. test

Laser hair removal in practice textbook = 90 min.

Module assignment = 480 min.

Does your laser work as it should? = 5 min.

Static pulsing / stepping technique = 20 min.

Hair removal: Pain-free hair removal, or gliding technique = 20 min.

Demonstration of both gliding and stepping techniques = 30 min.

Module evaluation = 210 min. learning + 30 min. test

Hair growth from testosterone treatment = 5 min.

Laser hair removal in slow motion = 10 min.

Diode handpiece components = 1 min.

Marketing Techiques for Aesthetics Practitioners = 15 min.

Course duration.

The total course duration is 121 hours. It consists of 9 hours (one full day) on-site practical training and 112 hours for the Advanced Laser Hair Removal Therapist online course.


This course is suitable for complete beginners and requires no prior training in aesthetics or medicine to study with us. Many of our students are not trained in beauty and want to start a business in the industry. We welcome students of all levels, whether you want to start from scratch, or are currently working as a therapist and want to increase your knowledge and skills.

Any brand or model of device.

All hair removal lasers use the same scientific principle to achieve lasting results. We help you understand these principles. You will learn how to translate this into treatment parameters, and once you have the skills to do this, you can use any laser successfully. Regardless of brand or model.

Meet your instructor.

I’m Raymond Schoeman and look forward to helping you get the best out of your equipment.

I have been a laser therapist since 2000 and ever since had a laser clinic. I have also been a medical laser distributor in South Africa for about 10 years and have experience training aesthetic laser therapists for over 15 years.

I am the author of two books on laser treatments; Aesthetic Laser Treatments – Insider Secrets (ISBN 9789464180657) and Textbook for Aesthetic Laser Therapy (ISBN 9789402187335). Both these books are part of the heritage collections of the Royal Library of the United Kindom, the National Library of Australia, the Royal Library of the Netherlands and the Royal Library of Belgium.



for this exceptional Practical On-Site Laser Training for the incredible investment of only

Once off upfront investment*

ZAR – R33890 | EUR – 1685 | AUD – $2865 | CAD – $2025 | USD – $1855

Your investment divided over 3 months, per month*

ZAR – R11580 | EUR – 580 | AUD – $980 | CAD – $695 | USD – $635

Your investment divided over 6 months, per month*

ZAR – R6220 | EUR – 310 | AUD – $530 | CAD – $375 | USD – $345


* Travel and accommodation excluded.

Is this training only available in South Africa?

No, we train internationally.
In South Africa, we have trainers in Cape Town, Sandton (JHB) and Pretoria.
Raymond travels internationally on request. Please note that relevant travel and accommodation costs apply.

Training on multiple machines.

If you have multiple devices, or can do multiple types of treatments with your machine, we can teach you multiple devices and treatments during the on-site training. Keep in mind that it is most productive to learn one treatment type per day. You will benefit much more from two training days with two different subjects than from one training day with a series of subjects.

How to book your training day.

Phone 0027 12 743 6444, WhatsApp 0027 63 409 8742 during office hours or email to

Please note the I often travel overseas and may not be able to take your phone call.

Best to WhatsApp or email.

Raymond Schoeman

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