Laser Safety Officer course

Do you have the important responsibility of being a laser safety officer?

As laser safety officer you have a unique set of responsibilities. Not only is laser safety a top priority to yourself and co-workers. It is critical in protecting your clients and patients.

Our Laser Safety Officer course prepares you to take this responsibility on with confidence. This course fulfils all requirements as laid down be the European standard IEC 60825 and the Canadian standard Z386-14.

We have been providing quality laser training to the aesthetic and medical industries since 2003 and are looking forward to welcome you in our course.

When you enroll for the Laser Safety Officer course you will get step by step guidance on every aspect of your studies. We have distilled the important must know knowledge for you into easy to understand language. We also present it in a logical easy to learn sequence that will put you ahead of the pack in no time.

Course overview

Laser Safety Officer guidelines

In this module you will get a summary of the European IEC 60825-1 and the Canadian Z386-14 standards.

Laser Physics

As the name says, this module looks at the science behind lasers. It further extends into the mechanics of lasers and also looks at topics such as light delivery systems and beam shape.

Radiation-tissue Interaction

An important part of a Laser Safety Officer’s tasks is to assess risk.  And in-depth knowledge of laser tissue interaction provides you with a solid foundation to make such assessments.

Laser Safety

Laser safety is the main responsibility that rest on the laser safety officer’s shoulders. This module takes you through all the possible hazards associated with lasers and how to prevent incidents.

Legal Issues

This module looks at the administrative controls provided by the standards. We also provide you with real tools and examples in risk assessment for every class of laser.

Course duration

20 hours

100% satisfaction guaranteed

We believe so deeply in the value it will add to your live that we give you a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy with the course we will refund you in full. No arguing. There is no time limit to this guarantee. You can claim your refund up to the very last module.


The total investment for this course is:

South African Rand R10789

Euro €661

Canadian Dollar $985

Australian dollar $1091

American Dollar $760

South Africa: The total investment for South African students is R10789 if payment is made by EFT.  All credit card payments are facilitated by PayPal in any of the currencies listed above, except South African Rand.

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Questions and Answers

Are there any prerequisite?

No experience in aesthetics or medicine is required!

Do I have to make the full investment upfront?

No. You can now also enroll with our easy investment plan:

50:25:25 → 50% partial investment on enrollment, 25% partial investment 30 days after enrollment and the remaining 25% partial investment 60 days after enrollment.

I totally want to make this investment in my future. But I’m concerned about how save it is to make a payment over the internet? Will I receive what I have bought or is there a chance that my money will disappear?

We totally get what you say. We all have situations where we want to buy something over the internet, but are not sure how reliable it is.  The LaserCollege.Org uses PayPal as our payment facilitator. What this means is that you have 6 months time from when you make the payment to claim your money back if you do not receive the goods. If you log a dispute with PayPal because you have not received what you have paid for, PayPal reverse the transaction. And if we cannot proof to PayPal that we have delivered what we promised, PayPal refund you. The LaserCollege.Org has no control over this process. PayPal do not share your bank or card information with us.

Must I have a PayPal account to be able to enroll?

No. PayPal allows you to make a normal credit card payment. You do not need to open a PayPal account to enroll.

What if PayPal is not active in my country?

Please send us an email to info(at) and we will assist you.

How long will it be before I have my course material?

When you enrol through the standard enrolment you will have immediate access to the course material once you have completed the payment.

If you make use of the payment plan option you will have access within 48 hours after you have made your first payment.

I have some more questions.

Please let us know and we will make sure you get the answers you are looking for. Send us an email or massage us via our Facebook page. If you prefer you can also phone us at 0027 12 743 6444.

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