Advanced Aesthetic Laser Therapist course

  • With the scientifically based Advanced Aesthetic Laser Therapist course you learn how to ensure consistent successful results.
  • Business development is an integral component of the Advanced Aesthetic Laser Therapist course, keeping you one step ahead of the competition.
  • The Advanced Aesthetic Laser Therapist course contains a number of checklists that promote discipline and consistency in your practice.

You grow in knowledge, skills, professional development and personal satisfaction.

Successful and consistent results mean a successful business.

A scientifically backed course is the most valuable training you can have. Why? Because it is the difference between massive success and major failure.

Scientific training allows you to get the exact outcome you want – it’s how you turn disappointing results into effective treatments. It is what makes the difference between an industry leader and an average laser clinic.

Be a therapist with results, not just empty promises.

LaserCollege has designed and developed the Advanced Aesthetic Laser Therapist course to give you the skills to be extraordinary. In this 11-module scientifically backed course you will learn the science, techniques and secrets of the world’s top laser therapists and industry movers and shakers. Skills that you will apply every day.

We have helped others. We can do the same for you.


Since 2003 LaserCollege has helped more than two thousand eight hundred laser owners and therapist to gain the knowledge and confidence to operate their equipment to its best potential and provide countless successful treatments to satisfied clients, safely. We can do the same for you.

Dr Shailja Dhir from Gurgaon, India said:

“It was my pleasure to be a part of The best thing about the course is that it is not just a superficial study but is a complete conceptual based study of the subject.

I enjoyed every bit of it, right from the Quantum physics to the medical application. The assignments given were challenging but very informative at the same time. Apart from the subject I learnt many more through these assignments. It will certainly help me in the future. I also enjoyed the videos and lectures very much. They are quite entertaining and interesting.

Overall it was a fantastic journey through out and I will definitely recommend the course to other students as well.”

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Online laser training: No downtime


Education time does not have to be downtime. You can increase you knowledge and professional value without having to take time out of your schedule and put your life on hold.  You can study while you earn a living and watch your children grow up.

In-depth online training is what makes LaserCollege different. The Advanced Aesthetic Laser Therapist course is an extensive course like no other. A course without time limits means that you have time to go into detail about knowledge that really matters. You learn the science and technology behind laser and IPL therapy. You have ample time to internalise and understand all the parameters that influence a laser or IPL treatment.

We do not hurry you, but instead explore this wonderful science with you. We do not stress you out with deadlines, we prefer to stimulate you with an interesting and fun environment where you complete your studies in no time. Our learning platform has been designed to fit your schedule.

Scientifically-based training


This is why LaserCollege alumni stand head and shoulders above the industry average. This course gives you a scientific foundation to build your career on. The knowledge gained from this course will provide you with consistent treatment results, treatment after treatment for many years to come.

Unbiased training


We are not affiliated with any machine manufactures and can thus provide you with true unbiased training. We furthermore provide you with complete training on laser, IPL and LED therapies. You will have the full picture of pro’s and con’s for each technology.

The knowledge from this course is equally applicable to all types  and makes of lasers, IPL and LED devices.

Training without limits

without limits

When you enrol for the Advanced Aesthetic Laser Therapist course you are not bound by the limitations associated with traditional training. We invite discussions with students on all types of laser therapy in the aesthetic laser industry. This course aims to breakdown all barriers you may have that prevent you from achieving the most from your career as laser therapist. If we do not have an answer for a questions, we will search with you for the correct answer. Your potential becomes limitless. 

In-depth knowledge

in dept knowledge

We help you to gain an in-depth knowledge of the treatment parameters and how they interact. Even if the machine that you use today does not give you the ability to change all the treatment parameters, you will know how to change your treatment protocols to get the best possible results.

Extensive laser safety training

laser safety

Laser safety training is an integral component of this course and therefore you also receive a separate Laser Safety Officer certificate on completion of the Advanced Aesthetic Laser Therapist course. You will never have to worry about your and your clients safety again.

Saves you money

save money

There are various ways that the Advanced Aesthetic Laser Therapist course will save you money. Firstly; if you already own a laser or other light-based equipment, you will learn to do more with your equipment. You will also be more confident in your treatments and provide superior results. Furthermore, you will be able to develop your own signature treatments that set you apart from the competition.

Secondly; if you are looking at purchasing equipment you will be able to choose the equipment most suitable for your needs without being confused by sales talk. You will be prepared with the right knowledge when you meet with a distributor or manufacturer and will not be taken for a ride. Buying the wrong machine is a cost most businesses do not have the luxury to afford. You will buy right the first time.

You will not only save money, but you will actually increase your earning potential with you officially recognized certificate.

Because the Advanced Aesthetic Laser Therapist course also includes your laser safety training, you receive a separate Laser Safety Officers certificate without having to pay for a second course.

Social responsibility

social responsibility

What you gain from this course is the guarantee that you have sought the best possible training and is able to serve your clients at the highest ethical level. You obtained the knowledge and skills to inform and educate those who seek your advice as a professional therapist. You laid the foundation to a prosperous career, and you can rejoice in the certainty that you have value to offer society.

Reshmi Takoorparsadh from Durban, South Africa said the following when she completed the Advanced Aesthetic Laser Therapist course:

“I opened a Laser Slimming Clinic and found myself bombarded with questions. Concerns the public rightfully had to have answers for. My half a day training that basically covered only the machine operation did not give me any working knowledge of using. I searched for more information to improve my skills and found very little available. The other training college also offered 1 day courses. This did not sit well with me at all; as I am a humanitarian at heart and need to be accountable to people around me; especially paying clients.

I discovered LaserCollege by chance and was taken with the professionalism and in-depth training programme. The modules were intensive and challenging; something I thoroughly enjoyed and would do it again in a heartbeat. The modules forced me to get out my ‘comfort zone’ and truly apply myself to gain useful information in the professional beauty industry.

Especially and equally important to the actual Laser training is the ‘Informed Consent’ section that the course covers in detail. This section is vital for anyone dealing with the public; to pre-empt complications.

Thank you for giving me all the necessary tools to now expand my business further and increase my Medi-Spa range. Your unbiased guidance is an invaluable tool to my business and me personally.

Going through this course has given me confidence, knowing I have educated answers for my clients.”

Course overview

course overview

When you enrol for this comprehensive course you will start with the most fundamental knowledge needed: Laser physics. This is followed by radiation-tissue interaction and laser safety. Once you comprehended and internalized this we move on to the more practical part of the course. We first look at the legal issues that you will encounter as a laser therapist or laser owner.

Next you will learn about the different technologies like high-power laser, IPL, low-level laser and LED, as well as the various treatments possible with each technology. We tie it together with skin and hair biology and end the course with a module packed with practical training, tips and advice.

The Advanced Aesthetic Laser Therapist course also includes your Laser Safety Officer training. You do not have to enrol for a second course and pay twice. Nor do you have to take a separate exam. Laser Safety Officer training is required in various countries when you start your own clinic. It is nowadays also a minimum requirement when you do an interview for a management-level position at a laser clinic.

Laser Physics
  • Laser operation.
  • Laser components.
  • IPL components.
  • LED components.
  • Types of lasers.
  • Modes of operation.
  • EM spectrum.
  • Light beam characteristics for laser, LED’s and IPL’s.
  • Characteristics of light waves.
  • Treatment parameters.
  • How to apply the treatment parameters to your machine.
Radiation-tissue Interaction
  • Interaction of radiation with matter.
  • Wavelengths used for hair removal.
  • Biological change with temperature.
Laser Safety
  • Laser classification.
  • Diffuse and specular reflections.
  • Eye hazards.
  • Skin hazards.
  • Eye protection.
  • Skin protection.
  • Non beam hazards.
  • Nominal hazard zone (NHZ).
  • Respiratory hazards (Gas Masks – No smoke is safe).
  • Safety control measures.
Legal Issues
  • Indemnity forms.
  • Safety checklist.
Low Level Laser Therapy
  • Introduction to low-level laser therapy.
  • Treatments low-level laser therapy is recommended for…
  • Physiological changes.
  • Procedure.
  • Recommended treatments.
  • Contra-indications.
  • Tips.
Class IV lasers and IPL's
  • Frequently asked questions about IPL.
  • IPL skin treatments.
  • IPL hair removal.
  • Frequently asked questions about class IV laser.
  • Laser skin treatments.
  • Laser hair removal.
Skin Biology
  • The skin.
  • Skin typing.
  • Veins.
  • Lesions.
Hair Biology
  • Laser tissue interaction for laser hair removal.
  • Adult hair follicles and cycling.
Light Therapy in Practice
  • Consultation.
  • Pre-treatment.
  • Treatment.
  • After care.
  • Contra-indications.
  • Care of equipment.
Ablative lasers
  • CO2 lasers.
  • Er:YAG lasers.
  • Fractional lasers.
  • Other ablative technologies.
Review and more
  • Societies view of body hair.
  • Hair growth from testosterone treatment.
  • Erbium light peel.
  • Erbium stretch mark removal.
  • Nd:YAG sun damage repair.
  • Course survey.

Course duration

120 hours.

Expected completion time

12 weeks (part-time).

The  Advanced Aesthetic Laser Therapist course is set-up to be extremely practical and is loaded with video content to explain all the important concepts as well as demonstrating all the techniques. You will furthermore be stimulated by assignments that will help you view laser therapy and your business from a new perspective.

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Jessica Keen from South Africa said the following on completion of the course:

“As someone who has little experience with these technologies I found that the course broke the subject matter down very well each time building on the information from the last topic – the structure and the flow of the course has been extremely helpful and I have learned a lot!

I also really liked that you included the YouTube videos. Because I’m very much a visual learner I find that I absorb information better when seeing it instead of just having reams and reams of printed notes. I think this also keeps the course interesting.

I have also learned a lot from the assignments in each module. I think it’s brilliant that along with learning the theory, you ask your students to think about their own businesses. The exercises have really made me think and researching them has opened up a lot of doors to further learning and investigation.”



You also have access to our consultation service. With this service you have access to the trainers and course coordinators at LaserCollege if you need assistance with treatment protocols. Maybe you have developed you own treatments and want advice on it before you start selling it to clients. You can also make use of this service if you need an independent opinion on equipment that you would like to purchase.

Course material

course material
  • Full access to all online course material.
  • Textbook.
  • Grading of assignments.
  • Advanced Aesthetic Laser Therapist certificate on completion.
  • Laser Safety Officer – Aesthetic Lasers certificate on completion.
  • Formal declaration of grades on completion.
  • Consultation service available from day one.



We are so sure that this course will add more value to your live than you can imagine that we will refund you in full if you have completed this course and have not benefited from what you have learned in this course. No hassle, no urging.

Buyer Protection

buyer protection

We realize that not everybody is comfortable to pay upfront for an online course not knowing if you will get what you have paid for. For this reason we use PayPal as our payment facilitator. This means that you have PayPal’s buyer protection on your side.  If you do not receive what you have paid for, you just take it up with PayPal and they block the transaction. If we cannot prove that we have delivered; you get your money back. You have 6 months to report a problem to PayPal after you have enrolled. PayPal does not provide us with any information on you credit or debit card.



You do not need an aesthetic or medical qualification to enrol for a laser course at LaserCollege. However, you must have finished high school, or the equivalent thereof to be able to get the most from your course.



This course pays for itself. To put it in perspective, the average underarm (armpit) treatment package of R600 per treatment x 6 treatments, is R3600. The price of the average lower leg (half leg) treatment package of R1500 per treatment x 6 treatments, is R9000. You need three new lower leg clients or six new underarm clients to have the course paying for itself in full.

If you get one new underarm client per month extra, because of doing this course, for the first year after completing the course you will earn 12 x R3600. That is R43200. If you deduct the investment of R20850, you have a return of R22350. Can you afford not to do this course?

The total investment for this course is:

South African Rand R20850

Euro €1044

Canadian Dollar $1556

Australian dollar $1723

American Dollar $1200

South Africa: The total investment for South African students is R20850 if payment is made by EFT.  All credit card payments are facilitated by PayPal in any of the currencies listed above, except South African Rand.

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Johanna Martins from Espoo, Finland said:

“Thank you very much!

Yes, my experience with this course was very pleasant! It was challenging, yet interesting. I learnt a lot of new things, things that will be very helpful in the future. It has inspired me to think and develop new ideas for my future clinic. And really opened up the subject for me with great learning. I enjoyed the way it was taught and explained with lots of videos which made it more enjoyable.

It was fantastic and 100% worth it. Very happy and pleased that I joined this college. Thank you for the pleasant experience!”

How to enroll for the advanced aesthetic laser therapist training course.


Do I have to enroll on a specific date?
No. The online platform is set up to complement your unique schedule. The system tracks your course participation and completion automatically to allow you to spend your time and energy on quality learning. Every time you login you can continue where you have stopped the previous session. You can also revisit previously completed sections and components as many times as you like.

See How to enroll if you need assistance.

When and how do I pay?

Payment is made online via PayPal using a credit card.
If PayPal is not supported in your country please send us and email to or use the contact form below.
Alternatively, payment can be made via electronic fund transfer (EFT) to our South African ABSA account.

Do you still have some questions?

We will gladly answer any questions you may still have about the Advanced Aesthetic Laser Therapist course or the LaserCollege. Feel free to contact us by using the contact form below.

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