On-site practical training

LaserCollege provides worldwide on-site practical training.

We can provide you with tailor-made training for your hospital, clinic, organisation or school according to your requirements.

We are not manufacturer affiliated and can thus provide independent training on all makes and models of laser and light equipment.

How we prepare for an on-site training.

We require a lead time of 8 weeks to prepare your on-site training. If it is training on one machine for one or two therapists the lead time can be reduced to 5 weeks.

The first phase is to ensure that everyone who take part in the on-site training first complete an online theoretical course to ensure that the practical training is not spent on explaining theory or basic knowledge, and that we have a knowledge foundation to work from.

In the lead time we ensure that we get all information on your equipment and take contact up with the manufacturers where needed. We can then compile protocols that will match best with your equipment.

A large part of the first day of the on-site training will go into parameter testing of your equipment to ensure that each setting is fully understood. Thereafter, we continue with practical operator training.

Our on-site training starts with a minimum duration of three days and can be extended as is needed.
The base fee for this training is R84000 (€4200) for the first three days and each additional day is R16000 (€800).

Please complete the from below to discuss your training needs.