Learner finance

Unlock your career potential with learner finance.

Study now and pay later!

You can apply for learner’s finance to enrol for the following courses:

  • Advanced Aesthetic Technologist Course – R35541
  • Avant-garde Laser Therapist Course – R25680
  • Photobiomodulation (Low-level Laser) Therapist Course – R25680
  • Advanced Laser Hair Removal Therapist Course – R17170
  • Advanced Laser Tattoo Removal Therapist Course – R17170
  • Laser Lipo And Body-Sculpting Therapist Course – R9290 (max. duration 12 months)
  • Microdermabrasion Course – R9290 (max. duration 12 months)

To qualify for the learner finance, you must have a valid  South African ID-book or ID-card and earn more than R3 000 a month. The learner finance can be in the name of:

  • A student, who is full-time or part-time employed and has proof of income

  • A parent, who has proof of income

  • A sponsor or guardian, who has proof of income

  • Applicant must be 18 years and older

  • Applicant must have valid South African identity card or document

  • Must be employed or self-employed

  • Salary must be paid directly into applicant’s bank account

  • South African green bar-coded ID or smart ID card

  • Latest payslip

  • 3 months’ bank statement (latest 6 months’ bank statements and ITA34 for self-employed applicants)

  • Proof of residence not older than 3 months

Nonrefundable application fee R195

Initiation fee R 1,207.50

Account service fee R69 per month

Interest rate 12.5%

Step 1

You start the learner finance application process by completing the pre-application form below and making a payment of R195.

Why do you need to pay R195? This is to ensure that only serious and creditworthy individuals apply for the learner finance. We have to pay a credit agency to do the following background checks:

  • Verification of Credit Repayments, Verified Employment, Directorship and Deed search enquiry with Credex scorecard.
  • Verify name, marital status and photo verification of the applicant.
  • Verification of bank account details specified by the applicant.
  • Verification of the applicant’s employment history.

Step 2

We notify you with the outcome of your pre-application.

On successful pre-application we will email you the application. You complete the form and email an electronic copy with the supporting documents back to us.

As soon as the application has been processed we will email you the learner finance agreement to authorize. You return an electronic copy by email.

Step 3

You make the initiation fee payment of R 1,207.50.

You are enrolled in your course.

Credits granted to legal entities, i.e. to companies, non-profit associations, etc. are not considered as consumer credits within the meaning of the law.

Also credits granted to natural persons in the context of their professional activities (such as finance for career specific training) are not consumer credits.

Learner Finance Calculator

How much learner financing do you want to apply for?
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Total interest and fees to pay
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Pre-application Form for Learner Finance

The form must be completed by the person who will be responsible for the payment of the account. It can be the student, or it can be another person.

You will receive an email that confirm we received your application. If you do not see this confirmation email in your mailbox in 10 minutes after sending in your applications, please check your spam filter.
In this confirmation email you will find instructions on how to provide us with a copy of your ID-book or ID-card.

You can phone us at on 012 743 6444 or email us at payplan@lasercollege.org at any time during this process.

We will only process your application after we received the nonrefundable application fee of R195. Please make the EFT to:

Name: LaserCollege
Bank: ABSA – South Africa
Account: 40-9733-1298
Account type: Cheque account
Branch: The Grove
Branch code: 632005
Amount: R195
Reference: Your ID-number (Please ensure that this is the same as the ID-number on the application form).

Learner finance is approved for a specific course and cannot be converted to cash.

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