Laser therapy optimization

Therapists generally believe that pre-set and factory protocols are optimized for their clients. This however is not the reality. When using pre-set and factory protocols there are two things one has to keep in mind.

The first is that the engineers who design and program the machines are usually in a different part of the world that the therapists using the machines. These engineers will have a feedback group which is easily accessible to them. Thus, local users and local people being treated. This means that the pre-sets are based on this reference group’s skin and hair types.

The second factor to consider is that the manufacturer tries to eliminate any liabilities. They do this by providing over-conservative protocols that off cause will deliver sub-optimal results.

It is important to fully comprehend the science behind laser therapy to enable yourself to give the best possible results to your clients. It is also an unfortunate fact that some manufactures and their representatives will use over generalised statements and pseudo-facts to promote their machines. These generalisations and pseudo-facts remain quite stubbornly in the industry and have an influence on many therapists.

The greatest factor in optimising treatments is not the equipment, but the therapist’s knowledge and understanding of the technology he or she is working with. An in-depth knowledge allows the therapist to get past the fear that prevent him or her from adjusting the treatment parameters that causes sub-optimal and inferior results.

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