Importing your own laser and IPL equipment.

We often get the question from students: “What do we think about importing your own equipment from China?”

Chinese made laser or IPL

There is no easy answer to this question.

Before you can start thinking of buying equipment you first need to answer two questions for yourself.
Firstly, what would you like to do? (What treatments or services would you like to offer your client?)
Secondly, what technology would serve you best to do these treatments you would like to offer?
These two questions you have to answer before looking at equipment, whether importing it for yourself or buying from a local agent.

The only way you can answer these two questions is to start your journey with a solid education in the treatments and technologies that you have in mind.

Once you have decided on what it is that you want and that you would like to import it yourself from China there is one very important factor that you have to remember: When you deal with Chinese manufacturers the first thing you have to realize is that English is not their main language. This is very important, because it may lead to various miscommunications on both sides of the negotiations. It is therefore important that you spend time in reading and writing emails various times before coming to a conclusion. The same is also valid for the user manual(s) that will accompany the equipment. Do not except that it will be written in a form of English that you can easily understand.

Other factors that you have to keep in mind when dealing with a foreign manufacturer directly are practical training on the specific unit(s), technical support and availability of consumables (like flash lamps). If you can get a suitable solution to all of these points, you may save yourself a lot of money by importing your own equipment.

However, on the other side of the coin, you may end-up with something totally different than what you have had in mind.

Many newcomers to the industry think that a Nd:YAG laser is the same thing whether you buy it in China or America. This is a total misconception. It means that the machine from China and the machine from America will have the same wavelength (1064nm), but apart from that it will be two totally different machines. The wavelength is no indication of the overall quality of the machine.

Evaluate all the properties of a machine before you buy it and not just the wavelength. The ability of the machine to provide good results lays in the combination of all the properties of the machine and not just in the wavelength.

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  1. In my opinion , there is some factory in china give you high technology better than USA and Europe factory , but you must put in your mind how and from where you must buy , its need good experience in importing and in china market

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