How to start a laser clinic. Part one.

A lot of people ask me: How do I start a laser clinic?

Maybe you have been reading about laser therapy in the media a lot lately. And maybe you know a laser therapist that’s always talking about the interesting treatments he or she performs. Or maybe, you know about a laser therapist or laser clinic owner that drives around in his or her big fancy car and you wonder how they do it?

For me it was a bit different. I started my first laser clinic in 2001 in Pretoria, South Africa. In those days there were not allot of media attention given to aesthetics lasers and I have not met any laser therapists before I started a clinic. It sort of just happened. But the days that things sort of just happen are over.

In this series of posts I will try to give some pointers for people that would like to start a laser clinic or just want to become laser therapists.

It is very similar to starting any business in live. The first thing that I recommend for you to do is to start with the phonebook. Or maybe nowadays it is better known as Google.

Just look for as many as possible laser clinics that you can find in your area. If you live in a city, you area may be as big as your local suburb to find at least 15 laser clinic. If you live in a rural area don’t think that you have a raw deal. It may sometimes be a benefit. Whatever the case may be. Try to make a list of at least 15 laser clinics or salons as close to you as possible.

Why you need this list of 15 clinics will become clear to you in the posts to follow.

The second thing that I recommend you start with immediately is to educate yourself. This you can do by start reading industry magazines, reading articles and watching videos on the internet and enrol for courses.

Just one note of warning: When you use the internet to educate yourself please realize that not everything that you will read or see on a video is the absolute truth.  You may find yourself very soon in a place of confusion more than anything else. Do not worry, this is a normal phase that you will go through as you start to grow you knowledge on this topic.