Equipment distributed by LaserCollege in South Africa

Light Cure LED Device for photobiomodulation

South African Health Products Regulating Authority (SAHPRA) License no.: 1807/33286

2 in 1 Diode Laser and IPL

South African Health Products Regulating Authority (SAHPRA) License no.: 1807/33524

Business Opportunities

International course reseller

Please contact us if you are interested in becoming a LaserCollege reseller in your country, region or district.

South African course reseller

Please contact us if you have a school or training institute and want to offer LaserCollege courses to your students.

Opening a laser clinic

LaserCollege provides you and your staff’s with full training according to your specific needs. We also source equipment for your clinic according to your unique requirements.

Solar panal systems for beauty, wellness and aesthetic businesses.

Did you know that photo-voltaic solar systems of less than 1 megawatt are 100% deductible in the first year of purchase, for companies liable to pay tax in South Africa? Systems of more than 1 megawatt are deductible over three years on a 50%-30%-20% scale.

This tax deduction is only allowed for registered companies and NOT for sole traders and freelancers.

What does this mean to the beauty, wellness or aesthetic business?

This means that if you own a registered company/corporation that you can have uninterrupted electricity supply, FULLY PAID FOR by the government.

How do you pay for the system and claim it back?

You purchase the solar system upfront, this can be cash or financed. Your tax professional will then deduct the value of the solar system from the tax you have to pay. If the value is larger than the tax amount, the balance will be curried over to the next tax year, and so forth until the full value has been deducted from tax.

LaserCollege can assist you with:

  • Consultation on solar systems
  • Equipment (panels and all other components required for the system)
  • Installation
  • Financing

Contact us at LaserCollege if you want to take control of your own electricity supply. And make sure that your business is not destroyed by load shedding.

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