Elementor #186

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Would you like to master the fundamentals of low-level laser therapy (LLLT) and biomodulation?
Do you dream of truly touching the lives of your clients and make the world a better place for those coming to you for help?
Have you been reading and hearing of the incredible successes of low-level laser therapy in helping people to overcome a range of different addictions, “incurable diseases” and improve live quality?
Ever wonder how the beauty secret of Hollywood actresses can at the same time also be the performance secret of high-worth sport people?
When you enrol for the low-level laser therapist course you will find out what this best kept secret since the 1960s really is.
You will discover how
Science makes it possible for someone to sculpture his or her body without diet or exercise.
To prevent a visible scar after an operation or trauma.
To always have youthful beautiful skin.
To be without pain.
To treat systemic diseases like arthritis without any medication.
To control and stop addictions.
To enhance brain function and boost study and exam results.
What you will learn during this course is nothing new and until now has been taught only to a select few at university and specialization schools. When you search the internet you will find thousands of research papers about low-level laser and biomodulation. But now this information is also available to you.
A certificate from LaserCollege.Org has opened many doors for our students in the past and will do so even more in the future. It will do the same for you as well. It will not just give you opportunities. It will also give you security.
You may think becoming a laser therapist must be very daunting with studies ranging from quantum physics, maths, biology and medical applications. And you are right. It can be very complex and time consuming without the shortcuts we know. Trying to do this without the right guidance is an challenge not even people whom are strong in studying complex concepts, math equations and other theories will easily accept. So what is my chance to succeed? You may ask.
When you enrol with the LaserCollege.Org you have an 87% chance to pass with distinction. You have read correctly. The LaserCollege.Org is proud of the fact that 98% of our students complete the course with success first time round. And 87% of them do it with distinction. How many certificates on your wall say “with distinction”?
This is what Dr. Botha, Head of Department: Wellness Science at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology in Cape Town, South Africa has said about the course and how it was presented at her department:
“The course was well-organised, well-presented, with good interaction between Raymond and the students, and he answered all questions comprehensively. His broad knowledge-base of various laser therapies and apparatus mad his training valuable… We would like to thank Raymond for a wonderful learning experience and hope that he will continue to offer this course to us in future”
Vida Scheepers, principal of Susca Watts Academy for Advanced Beauty Technology said the following when we presented the course at Susca Watts Academy:
“The course was well presented, organized and Helen answered all questions with exceptional knowledge. We learned a lot from her and would most definitely advice anyone on doing the treaning.”
Eunice Barendsen, the principal of Madge Wallace international college of skincare and body therapy said:
“The students have learned a lot and feel confident that they can do these laser treatments on members of the public”
You can read these and other references at https://www.lasercollege.org/portal/index.php/what-our-peers-say.
The standards of our courses are not just satisfying the requirements of universities and beauty schools. They are also underwritten by the Department of Health, South Africa.
Take a moment to read what others have said after completing the low-level laser therapist course:
Loay Easo, Beresford, Canada
“I must admit that my knowledge base about LLLT prior to taking this course was very limited at best. This LLLT course was very well organized and well structured. For example, in order for one to understand how and what makes LLLT work / function and have such a profound effect / impact on intracellular / molecular signalling mechanisms, one must start from the beginning by first understanding the physics of Lasers and how they interact with matter / biological tissues. This LLLT course did an excellent job in explaining these difficult / challenging concepts. In addition, this course also was very helpful in explaining all the contraindications to LLLT as well as Laser therapy safety standards and regulations. Having established that, I gained valuable knowledge from taking this course.
Yes, I would highly recommend this course to prospective students, bearing in mind that this course is not intended for those students who are looking for a two day/ weekend course, rather, this course is an intensive, comprehensive, well organized, professional LLLT course.”
Melanie Hollweck, Richmond, South Africa
“Thank you so much.
I liked the way the course is set up, the information provided is easy to follow as well as understand and I love how I can easily track my progress with the aid of the ticked boxes for sections completed. Most of the videos provided for each section helped me understand my study material better.
The assistant from you was outstanding never bashing my many questions, I truly appreciate that.
The web site is easy to navigate and clear with all main questions answered and relevant information given. I also like the fact that the web site is set up in such a way that I can only access the next section of my course once the previous one is done since I feel I was so excited I would have most probably just jumped ahead without a system in place and most certainly confused myself.
I feel the instructions I was given were very clear to follow, and when I did feel confused due to my compulsive need to overthink everything, and sent an e mail to explain, I was always welcomed with open arms.
I would have loved to see more in depth examples and descriptions of treatments done with a laser, such as wound healing or wrinkle treatments, information such as treatment times and frequencies for best results etc.
overall it was a informative and very well put together course and I would most definitely recommend this course, in fact I already have to a good friend of mine.”
Rachel Greene, Johannesburg, South Africa
“To whom it may concern,
I would like to thank you, Raymond Schoeman for the intense support you have given me throughout this course. I came across the course on the Internet whilst sieving through courses which would best serve me, in my studies as well as profession. I have to say, I am incredibly grateful for the support you have given me from day one with direction as well as communication on a number of things. I have found this course very stimulating and have found it hugely beneficial as it has grown me as a person and increased the platform which I work on to continuously improve my skills. I am excited about the next journey I will embark on with regards to Advanced Cosmetic Laser. Although the course took dedication and discipline, it certainly was very interesting and stimulating which constitutes as a positive when one is working alone. I did feel that it was very easy to communicate with yourself, Raymond and I thank you for that, open door. I look forward to growing within myself with my new qualification and will be certain to recommend The Laser College with the highest regard. Thank you.”
What will I learn?
Following, you will find an overview of the course. You will notice that this is the most all-encompassing course available for aesthetic laser therapists.
Course overview
Laser physics
Main concepts in this module:
Laser Operation
Laser Components
IPL Components
LED Components
Types Of Lasers
Modes Of Operation
EM Spectrum
Light Beam Characteristics For Laser, LED’s And IPL’s
Characteristics Of Light Waves
Treatment Parameters
Radiation-tissue interaction
Main concepts in this module:
Interaction Of Radiation With Matter
Wavelengths Used For Hair Removal
Biological Change With Temperature
Laser safety
Main concepts in this module:
Laser Classification (Ansi Z 136.1 Standard)
Diffuse And Specular Reflections
Eye Hazards
Skin Hazards
Eye Protection
Skin Protection
Non Beam Hazards
Nominal Hazard Zone (NHZ)
Respiratory Hazards (Gas Masks – No Smoke Is Safe)
Safety Control Measures
Legal issues
Main concepts in this module:
Indemnity Forms
Low-level laser therapy
Main concepts in this module:
Introduction To Low Level Laser Therapy.
Treatments Low Level Laser Therapy Is Recommended For
Physiological Changes
Recommended Treatments
LLLT in health care for humans
During this topic you will view various videos regarding the treatment of humans with LLLT.
Hamstring treatment
Broken patella
LLLT in dental treatments
LLLT treatment of fibromyalgia
LLLT neck pain treatments