Painless hair removal

Everybody prefers painless hair removal if given the option. But what is painless hair removal and how does it work? Is it something that you can only do with a diode laser, or can other lasers also do painless hair removal? These are some questions we will explore in this article. Let’s start with pain, […]

Laser therapy optimization

Therapists generally believe that pre-set and factory protocols are optimized for their clients. This however is not the reality. When using pre-set and factory protocols there are two things one has to keep in mind. The first is that the engineers who design and program the machines are usually in a different part of the […]

Types of skin cooling

Skin cooling is an important part of aesthetic laser therapy. During photothermal treatments, skin cooling is needed to protect the epidermis. But apart from protecting the epidermis it can serve various other functions such as local anaesthesia and blood flow restrictor. There are various forms of skin cooling available on the market, ranging from ice-packs […]

How to buy a laser

Looking at what is important when buying equipment. How do I buy a laser? Is a frequently recurring question we get at LaserCollege. Although there is no standard short answer for this question, we have tried to create a simplified process that will enable anybody to buy the best suited equipment for his or her […]

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