Tips for a safe reopening

As more and more countries and territories allow for personal care services to reopen the question is; how do I keep my clients, my staff and myself safe?Although this is the most important question, I will start this article with the question, how do I keep my equipment safe? Most equipment used in a salon […]

Survive to thrive – Part one

I remember that when I was a teenager at boarding school, my roommate and I used to spend hours (usually during study-time) daydreaming about how great we would have been if we were part of the great pioneers discovering and developing new countries and civilizations. Many years later I have that feeling back. We are […]

Light comes in many guises

Laser and light based therapies have become commonplace in today’s society. However, it seems to be this mysterious Golden Fleece that everyone knows about, but very few knows what it really is. Let’s start with the notion that all light is not equal. Simply because two light beams may seem the same to the human […]

Microneedling vs. fractional laser

Microneedling has become a popular treatment and many people view it as an alternative to fractional laser. In part, its popularity has to do with the much more affordable equipment and in part the results achieved. In this article we will look at the similarities and differences between microneedling and fractional laser. The treatment objective […]

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