The four photo-biological reactions you will encounter as laser therapist

Photo-biological reactions are the interactions between light and biological material (tissue). What happens when the light energy is absorbed by tissue? The four most common types of photo-biological reactions you will encounter during aesthetic laser treatments are: photothermal reactions, photoablative reactions, photochemical reactions and photoacoustic reactions. A photothermal reaction is when the light energy is […]

Working with gel

Using gel during a treatment is in itself neither good nor bad. Using gel under a misguidance of what it actually does, inevitably leads to a negative effect in your results. The greatest benefit in the use of gel during a laser or light treatment is that it enables the applicator to glide more smoothly […]

COVID-19: Round two

Looking around me, I see an everyday street scene. Pretty much similar to every other year before. It seems that most people around started to believe that the whole COVID-19 pandemic is something from the past. People are relieved to be out again, to be able to interact with others again. Two weeks later, and […]

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