Working with gel

Using gel during a treatment is in itself neither good nor bad. Using gel under a misguidance of what it actually does, inevitably leads to a negative effect in your results. The greatest benefit in the use of gel during a laser or light treatment is that it enables the applicator to glide more smoothly […]

COVID-19: Round two

Looking around me, I see an everyday street scene. Pretty much similar to every other year before. It seems that most people around started to believe that the whole COVID-19 pandemic is something from the past. People are relieved to be out again, to be able to interact with others again. Two weeks later, and […]

Skin resurfacing with Er:Glass vs Er:YAG

In a 2015 study: “A Prospective, Randomized, Double-Blind Comparison of an Ablative Fractional 2940-nm Erbium-Doped Yttrium Aluminum Garnet Laser With a Nonablative Fractional 1550-nm Erbium-Doped Glass Laser for the Treatment of Photoaged Asian Skin”. Found the researchers that: “Reductions in pigmentation and uneven tone/erythema scores were significantly greater after Er:YAG, while wrinkle score reduction was […]

The lies people tell

We often get people asking our option about equipment they want to buy. They will forward an ad or quotation and usually ask if it is possible to do X, using this machine. The information that came cross our mailboxes have over the years changed from informative to imaginative to a point now that 95% […]

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