LaserCollege Science-Based Education (LSBE) System©

LaserCollege Science-Based Education (LSBE) System©: A unique and exceptional system. The LaserCollege Science-Based Education (LSBE) System© stands out as a unique and exceptional program for several compelling reasons: Rigorous Scientific Foundation: LaserCollege Science-Based Education (LSBE) System© is built upon a solid scientific foundation. It provides in-depth knowledge of the scientific principles, mechanisms, and technologies behind […]

Photobiomodulation Therapist

Are you ready to take your career to the next level and make a real difference in people’s lives? As a Photobiomodulation Therapist, you’ll have the power to heal where conventional medicine has failed, without drugs or invasive procedures. With over 5,000 research papers from prestigious universities worldwide, photobiomodulation is a proven therapy that harnesses […]

What is your score?

By Raymond Schoeman We have a hair removal quiz on the website for hair removal therapists to take. The questions in this quiz are based on basic knowledge that any starting therapist should have. I want to show you a sample of the scores that people get for taking the quiz. But before I do […]

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