Can you study laser therapy online?

Do you have your doubts about doing an online course, never mind an online laser course? You are not alone.

We often get the question: How can you do such a technical training as laser therapy as an online course?

At first, laser therapy may looks like the one type of training that is not possible to do online. However, you can roughly say that 95% of the knowledge you need to be a successful laser therapist is not machine specific.

Before you can think of giving your first laser treatment you have to know all relevant safety procedures and before- and aftercare needed for the treatment, apart from the actual treatment protocol. You have to know and understand the physics that enables the treatment; else you will never have a satisfied client. You need to be familiar with the industry standards, your competition and fellow laser therapists. If you want to purchase a machine you need to know which machine will serve you best and why? And on top of that you will have to give your client an intelligent answer when (s)he asks a question about a treatment totally not related to what your busy doing.

Since there are so many different laser machines on the market you cannot prepare for a career as laser therapist by learning how one or two specific machines work. There is a very good chance that you will never work with the machine you have trained with, unless of cause if you have bought that laser. However, if you know the science and technology that enables a treatment and you understand your treatment parameters you can do a successful treatment with any machine.

The 5% of knowledge you need from practical training will be provided by the distributor that have sold you the machine or by the clinic you are going to work for, this is usually very machine specific. The other 95% of knowledge you need to have before you touch a machine the first time… This 95% is the training that the LaserCollege.Org strives to provide you with.

The LaserCollege.Org is not contempt with minimum requirements being fulfilled by a course. Our courses provide you with more than just a certificate. It provides you with the knowledge to excel. The courses developed by us are aimed at the therapists who want to become part of the top 5% performers in the aesthetic laser industry. You know your stuff and you are excellent in what you do.

Whether you are about to make a career switch to aesthetic laser therapy or you want to take up a executive position in the industry you definitely have to look at the courses offered by us. Visit us at and do not hesitate to ask questions.

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