The difference between the “Advanced cosmetic laser therapist course” and the “Laser and IPL hair removal therapist course”?

We often get the question: Please explain the difference between the “Advanced Aesthetic Laser Therapist course” and the “Laser and IPL Hair Removal Therapist course”? The “Advanced Aesthetic Laser Therapist course” is a complete course covering all aspects of laser and light therapies. This course includes low-level laser, LED-therapy, high power laser and IPL. It […]


A word that appears more and more nowadays in the media is biomodulation. Biomodulation is a better descriptive name than low-level laser therapy (LLLT) or LED-therapy for the biological processes stimulated with low energy light irradiation.  With the advancement of low-level lasers and LED’s, it has become more probable that the devices utilizing these technologies […]

Laser hair removal

Although one of the most common treatments performed with lasers and IPL’s; laser hair removal still remains a regularly discussed topic with some stubborn urban myths about it. Let us start with the question: What is the difference between temporary laser / IPL hair removal and permanent laser / IPL hair removal? When the hair […]

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