How to buy a laser

Looking at what is important when buying equipment. How do I buy a laser? Is a frequently recurring question we get at LaserCollege. Although there is no standard short answer for this question, we have tried to create a simplified process that will enable anybody to buy the best suited equipment for his or her […]


Photoreactions are the interactions between light and biological matter. What happens when the light energy is absorbed by biological matter? The four most common types of reactions you will encounter during aesthetic treatments are: photothermal-, photoablative-, photochemical- and photoacoustic reaction. A photothermal reaction is when the light energy is converted to heat. For the aesthetic […]


Frequency is the number of occurrences of a repeating event per unit of time. Thus, the number of times you laser can pulse in one second. The formula for frequency is f = 1/time, and is given in hertz (Hz).This may seem theoretical and not really worth knowing, but it does have a significant influence […]

Spot size

Spot size is the treatment surface you have which each pulse. The spot size of a machine can be fixed or adjustable and can come in a variety of shapes. Although a treatment parameter on its own, it is only meaningful when viewed in combination with other treatment parameters, like power or energy. Important to […]

Energy and power

Energy and power: The difference between a $5000 and a $80000 machine. We will discuss the treatment parameters, energy and power, together since they are closely related. Keep in mind that this article is written from a perspective of lasers causing a photothermal reaction. With low-level lasers and LED devices the energy and power are […]

Pulse length

If you think of the wavelength as the active ingredient of your machine, the combination of the remaining treatment parameters makes for the dose. The first of these parameters is the pulse length. The pulse length can be adjustable or fixed, depending on the system you may use. As the name says, it is the […]


The real effect that the wavelength has on your treatment results. It is a common perception that the wavelength determines the skin types you can treat, or the depth of penetration you will have with a specific machine. This perception has been generalized to such extend that it has become a great misperception. You can […]

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