The Science Behind the Challenges of Laser Hair Removal on Grey Hair and the Limitations of Colouring Solutions

By Raymond Schoeman Laser hair removal has gained immense popularity as a highly effective method for permanent hair removal. However, the success of the treatment depends significantly on the colour of the hair being targeted. While laser hair removal can produce excellent results for dark and pigmented hair, it presents challenges when dealing with grey […]

14 reasons why an advanced science-based education will take your aesthetic career to the next level.

An aesthetic therapist who undertakes an advanced, in-depth scientific laser course can expect several day-to-day benefits: Enhanced Knowledge: You will gain a comprehensive understanding of the scientific principles behind laser technology, including its interaction with the skin and various treatment modalities. This knowledge will help you make informed decisions, develop personalized treatment plans, and optimize […]

LaserCollege Science-Based Education (LSBE) System©

LaserCollege Science-Based Education (LSBE) System©: A unique and exceptional system. The LaserCollege Science-Based Education (LSBE) System© stands out as a unique and exceptional program for several compelling reasons: Rigorous Scientific Foundation: LaserCollege Science-Based Education (LSBE) System© is built upon a solid scientific foundation. It provides in-depth knowledge of the scientific principles, mechanisms, and technologies behind […]

Photobiomodulation Therapist

Are you ready to take your career to the next level and make a real difference in people’s lives? As a Photobiomodulation Therapist, you’ll have the power to heal where conventional medicine has failed, without drugs or invasive procedures. With over 5,000 research papers from prestigious universities worldwide, photobiomodulation is a proven therapy that harnesses […]

What is your score?

By Raymond Schoeman We have a hair removal quiz on the website for hair removal therapists to take. The questions in this quiz are based on basic knowledge that any starting therapist should have. I want to show you a sample of the scores that people get for taking the quiz. But before I do […]

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