Aesthetic Boot Camp 2022

All New Aesthetic Boot Camp 2022. Fully Renewed and Better Than Before.

14 to 18 February 2022 in the idyllic country estate of Pecanwood, Hartbeespoort Dam.

Pecanwood Estate

When immersed in the hustle and bustle of everyday life it seems hard to imagine that the ideal escape is situated less than an hour’s drive from Johannesburg and Pretoria. Pecanwood Estate Golf and Country Club, situated on the banks of Hartbeespoort Dam and nestled in the rolling hills of the picturesque Magaliesberg Mountains, adds a new dimension to the concept of rest and relaxation.

What’s more, this prestigious development is home to South Africa’s first Jack Nicklaus signature golf course. It offers a unique combination of superb climate, outdoor activities and residential excellence that result in a lifestyle experience which many aspire to.

World Class Facilities

Access and security

Pecanwood Estate is an comfortable 30 minutes drive from Lanseria Airport and 75 minutes from O.R. Tambo International Airport. Shuttles, taxi services and car rentals are available at both airports.

Pecanwood Estate has 24 hour security and strict entrance control, making it an safe and relaxing environment. The estate also has 24 hour on-site medical response.

2 very, very big things are going to happen for you at this, our best, most magical boot camp ever...

First, a magical mind-shift.

You will think very differently about yourself, your salon or spa, your opportunities, your future at the end of this boot camp. (So, if you’re feeling mentally fatigued, if you’re frustrated you’re not moving forward as fast as you’d like, if you can’t seem to ‘get out from behind the counter’ to focus on being an leading therapist… you NEED to be here! If you have a very successful aesthetic business and are wondering: what’s next? – you NEED to be here.)

Second, Magic Wands to take home.

You’ll discover certain Points Of Leverage hidden in your business that you do not now see or fully appreciate or successfully exploit.


One of the most common remarks we get from laser clinic owners is that they feel isolated. Networking with other therapists and aesthetic business owners has become our most popular boot camp feature!!! You’ll get to sit around a table with peers who’ve come from all over South Africa and abroad, compare notes, discover how they’re handling challenges, how they’re building their careers and businesses.

The people with whom you will interact during the Aesthetic Boot Camp are not your average, everyday therapist. Firstly, these are people who value personal growth and skills developed and are willing to pay for the value they seek. These people have done boot camps, training events and seminars you don’t often hear about, and they are willing to talk about what they’ve learned and what worked for them.

The people you will talk to during this week have dealt with supplier problems, client issues and marketing challenges. None of these from another industry, but in the aesthetic industry. This is your one opportunity to get all this know-how together in one place and accessible to you.

You get to know us, Luc and Raymond, the founders of LaserCollege and you have unlimited access to us during this week. We’ve been in the aesthetic laser industry since 1999. Apart from running our own laser clinics in South Africa and Belgium, we also have experience as importers and distributors of lasers and aesthetic equipment. We welcome open and honest conversations about the challenges and wins we’ve had throughout our lives. These can be about equipment, treatment, how we do our marketing and so on…

Five ways this LaserCollege Boot Camp is PROFOUNDLY DIFFERENT

Than any seminar, workshop, boot camp or other training event you’ve ever invested in

1: It’s being presented by a real laser clinic owners, working with real clients.

2: This is a very unusual, untraditional, abnormal, contrarian approach to the business of aesthetics.

3: This isn’t a warm-‘n-fluffy, lots-o-fun, feel good ‘place’. It’s about serious professionals advancing their knowledge and skills.

4: This isn’t built for broad appeal to anybody who thinks they’re a laser therapist – or is happy playing at it.

5: The knowledge you will gain here, you will not find at any other place in the world.

NOT another damn seminar

The last thin I would want is: another seminar. I wouldn’t want to sit through one myself, so I certainly do not want to inflict one on you either. We’ve all got better things to do. Here’s why this is NOT an ordinary seminar, not in the least. Most seminars end when you leave the room with ideas that dissolve into ether and motivation that fizzles away, so, truth be told, in a few days you return to your routine just as it was before. We intend a very different result and are engineering this multi-day boot camp so that you make definite, definitive decisions as we proceed, are given actual examples of every key strategy to model, and depart with a transformation plan.

I’ll tell you more about the unusual format of this upcoming boot camp a bit later. But know that you are in for something quite different, more provocative and more rewarding than any ‘training’ you’ve gone through before.

Additional Activities and Features

Welcome drinks Sunday afternoon at 16:00. This gives an opportunity to get to know the people with who you will spend the week.

Nothing will be sold during the training. Every minute will be devoted to delivering advanced information.

Sun-downer on Harties: We have a special treat in store for you. On Wednesday afternoon we will all enjoy a special sun-downer and dinner on a party boat on the dam.

For the active: On Friday morning we will take morning exercise at the driving range under the guidance of a profession golf couch.

Friday afternoon we have a special draw and three participants will win an enrollment for the Multidisciplinary Therapist Course.

Added bonuses

When you enrol for the Aesthetic Boot Camp you get a FREE enrolment for the Photobiomodulation Therapist Course.

You receive a LazerTouch handheld unit FREE.

These bonuses are valued at R28710 (€1595).


We’re rolling out the red carpet for you


Your accommodation for the week (Sunday afternoon to Friday morning) is included in your enrolment. Participants will stay in various villas in Pecanwood Estate. The accommodation is per person sharing. You can arrange a private room at a minimal surcharge.

There will be daily cleaning of the bathrooms and common areas of each villa. Rooms will not be accessed by cleaning staff.


I have to warn you that you will have to plan for a diet after the boot camp. Our caterer absolutely indulge our boot camp participants.
Sunday afternoon we will meet at 4pm for a welcome drinks and some finger food. Monday to Friday you will enjoy the following catering:
  • 8:30 Tea / coffee / juice with some light snack
  • 11:00 Brunch
  • 14:00 Tea / coffee / juice with afternoon snack
  • 18:00 Diner

All special dietary requests need to reach us before 5 January 2022. This will ensure that our caterer has the  opportunity to foresee for your special needs.

Executive training that develops leaders for the aesthetic industry

The Aesthetic Boot Camp allows for you to enjoy all the benefits of the scientifically based in-depth course plus the mind-growing experience of spending a week with other professionals from the industry.

What do you get when you put a group of people who have a vivid interest in the same subject plus experience and creative ideas together for a week to actively learn about the subject and exchange their experiences and ideas? Pure magic.

During the day you grow your knowledge and practice new skills. In the afternoon and evening you get to share experiences with people who work towards similar goals as you and around the dinner table we have structured discussions on topics like marketing and sales as a service delivery person and not as a salesman, personal development, the influence of culture and cultural change on the industry, how to expand a business and what to look at when buying new equipment.

This does not even begin to describe the after-effect. When you get to return to your everyday life with this experience and get to apply the knowledge to your career and business.

Your host, and the Aesthetic Boot Camp presenter

Raymond Schoeman

Who am I, and what have I to offer? I’m South African born and opened my first laser clinic in Pretoria, anno 2000. I later become a distributor of lasers and other aesthetic equipment. That has changed in 2010 when I moved to Belgium. It took me a year of two to find my feet again, and the LaserCollege in its current format was established in 2012. Since then I have been dividing my time between Belgium and South Africa.

But, I started with training around 2003 when I realized that there was no place for people to learn about lasers or other light-based technologies at that stage. I developed the first Cosmetic Laser Therapist Course specific to provide clients who bought equipment from me with a scientifically based training. Once word got out about our training, we had a steep growth curve in ALC Laser Training.

We were the first to ensure our training to fulfil all requirements of the European Union Standards and had our training early on underwritten by the Department of Health – Radiation Control and the National Laser Centre in South Africa.

Throughout the years our courses were taught in institutions like Cape Peninsula University of Technology – Somatology, Madge Wallace College of Skin Care and Susca Watts Academy for Advanced Beauty Technology.

We also have various people and institutions bluntly copying our courses and presenting it to their students.

I authored two books. Textbook for Aesthetic Laser Therapy (ISBN 9789402187335) and Aesthetic Laser Treatments – Insider Secrets (ISBN 9789464180657).

The Textbook for Aesthetic Laser Therapy is also available in Dutch, Handboek voor esthetische lasertherapie (ISBN 9789402198676). My ego simply love making sure people know that my book, “Handboek voor esthetische lasertherapie” has been accepted by the Royal Library of the Netherlands in to its Cultural Heritage Collection.

You may also know me from my Professional Beauty South Africa articles or may have read some of my blog articles.

This is definite not my first boot camp. I have hosted and co-hosted various boot camps the past 6 years and can say that I look forward to each boot camp, to be as much of a learning experience for me as for our students.

The mega European expos and conferences I have attended over the past couple of year (min the pandemic off cause) left an impression on me that I gladly share with my students. I have also made it my mission the past year + (to get through the pandemic) to grow my marketing skills, and have now almost worked through 40 of the 65 marketing courses I’ve bought after the first COVID-9 wave.

This year I was also involved in two new courses we launched at LaserCollege. I’m really excited and very thankful to be part of the Multidisciplinary Therapist Course. I also started with a third book that I will talk more about toward the end of the year.

I love to share my knowledge and even more than that, I love learning from other people. Furthermore, I’m looking forward to meeting you at the Aesthetic Boot Camp.

Aesthetic Boot Camp schedule


We start the Aesthetic Boot Camp with an overview of the different technologies used in the aesthetic industry. Then we move on to a comprehensive discussion on safe use of technology.

8:30 Coffee / tea / juice and morning snack

9:00 Welcome and introduction

9:30 Aesthetic physics

Technologies and variations within Technologies:

  • High-power lasers, low-level laser, IPL and LED

  • HIFU and low intensity unfocused ultrasound

  • Microneedling, microneedling with RF and microneedling with LED

  • HIFEM / HI-EMT (High-Intensity Electromagnetic Muscle Trainer)

11:00 Brunch

12:00 Treatment parameters. The meaning of each parameter and how they interact.

14:00 Afternoon snack

14:45 Safety when working with technology

16:30 End of day

18:00 Dinner

Time for a private conversation


8:30 Coffee / tea / juice and morning snack

9:00 Fitzpatrick skin typing

9:30 Discussion of the protocols for laser photothermal and photoaccoustic treatments:

  • Vascular treatments

  • Pigmentation treatments

  • Skin rejuvenation

  • Tattoo removal


11:00 Brunch

12:00 Continue with protocols for photothermal and photoaccoustic treatments.

13:15 Practical demonstration and treatment:

14:00 Afternoon snack

14:45 Combining different technologies into one treatment.

16:00 Creative treatment: how to design your own signature treatment

16:30 End of day

18:00 Dinner


8:30 Coffee / tea / juice and morning snack

9:00 Hair removal optimization:

  • Laser-tissue interaction that enable laser/IPL hair removal.

  • Treatment parameters and protocols for hair removal.

  • Differences between lasers used for hair removal and differences between lasers and IPL’s.

  • How to reach effective protocols and testing them.

  • Different techniques:

    • Pain-free hair removal vs static pulsing

    • Working with cooler / icepacks.

    • Working with cooling gel.

    • Static pulsing vs. gliding.

    • Overlapping.

11:00 Brunch

12:00 Other laser and light-based treatment optimization

14:00 Afternoon snack

14:45 HIFU and unfocused ultrasound

16:15 End of day

17:00 Sun-downer cruise on Harties


8:30 Coffee / tea / juice and moring snack

9:00 Microneedling

  • Classic microneedling

  • Microneedling & RF

  • Microneedling & LED

11:00 Brunch

11:00 Guest speaker, Johan Uys from SAHPRA: Regulations of lasers and other technology in South Africa

12:30 How to buy the correct equipment and dealing with suppliers.

14:00 Afternoon snack

14:45 High-Intensity Electromagnetic Therapy (HIFEM / HI-EMT)

16:30 End of day

18:00 Dinner


8:20 Coffee / tea / juice and morning snack

9:00 Morning exercise at the driving range under the guidance of a profession golf couch

10:30 How to combine different technologies in a treatment

11:00 Brunch

12:00 Implementing business systems and checklists in your business.

13:15 Marketing and getting clients.

14:00 Afternoon snack

15:00 Q&A: Any last questions still remaining

16:00 Special draw: three participants will win an enrolment for the Multidisciplinary Therapist Course

16:30 End of Boot Camp

Special guest speaker

Johan Uys from the South African Health Products Regulating Authority (SAHPRA). Johan is the person you will have contact with when you apply for an import or user license. This gives you the opportunity to meet him in person. Johan will give a session on the current regulations in South Africa governing equipment used in the aesthetic industry.


At the end of the boot camp you will receive your certificate ‘Advanced Aesthetics Boot Camp’ and with it the very sought after ‘LaserCollege Accredited Therapist’ pin.

In addition we also provide you with window stickers to make it known that your clinic has a LaserCollege graduated therapist and we provide you with digital artwork that you can use in your marketing material.

Learn how to choose suppliers

One of the biggest takeaways you’ll get from the Aesthetic Boot Camp is how to search for equipment and how to communicate with suppliers.

Because you will leave the boot camp with an in-depth understanding of the treatment parameters, you will understand how to evaluate equipment. We teach you how to compare equipment, even if suppliers do everything they can to confuse the comparison. This is a very important skill to have. It will save you unbelievable amounts of money when you have to purchase equipment, for the rest of your career.

This knowledge is not only relevant when buying new equipment. It is just as relevant to get the most out of your existing equipment. The Aesthetic Boot Camp will help you to create at the very least one more stream of business from your existing equipment that you did not realize before.

Read this paragraph if you’re a skeptic. (Skip it if you’re not.)

You might be skeptical and question whether there really is “anything LaserCollege” you haven’t heart umpteen times before. That would be a fool’s skepticism. There’s a reason why private clinics pay us the fees they do. In the past year with COVID and all, we held training sessions at very exclusive aesthetic clinics in South Africa, Estonia and the Netherlands, to name a few places. And these clients want more, they all ask for ‘advise and assist’ maintenance contracts. They are not dummies. They know we know things we don’t publish for mass consumption and do things behind closed doors for only a few. We can assure you – and anyone – that what we’ll be presenting at the Aesthetic Boot Camp will be new, different, “deeper”, more sophisticated and more powerful than anything we’ve previously shared about the business of aesthetics.

Questions and remarks we sometimes get

Why do you do need more training than that of the distributor or the manufacturer?

The training provided with equipment is always biased in favour of the equipment. The training provided by the distributor or manufacturer makes that specific machine look good. And teaches you how to operate that specific machine.

The same training is provided to everyone buying that machine. Thus, you have no edge that puts you ahead of the competition.

Additionally, to this, the training is usually developed by someone with no commercial experience as a salon or clinic owner. Treatment protocols that work wonderfully in a controlled environment, like the factory test lab, tents to go astray the moment it hits the reality of a salon.

You have no broader insight on how to combine this technology with other technologies. Nor an in-deep scientific understanding of applying the technology to complex challenges.

All this has a direct influence on the profitability of your equipment and the rate at which you recover your investment. Thus, does the machine improve the profitability of your business, or is it only another expense draining your business from profit.

Why would you pay R70000 for training if the machine cost R200000. Isn’t that an overkill?

We do not provide machine specific training during the boot camp. The make or model of machine that you use has no relevance to the information we provide. The training is about fully understanding the technology and the treatment parameters. This gives you the freedom to generate business that other clinics in your area cannot.

Let me try to explain with this example. Pulse duration has a profound effect on hair removal treatments. Firstly, you need to understand what thermal relaxation time (TRT) is, and you need to differentiate between thermal relaxation time and thermal damage time (TDT). Based on this, you can evaluate an individual and estimate a base pulse duration. Next, you might have to adjust your pulse duration because of the skin type, extending it for dark skin types. Lastly, alternation of the pulse duration also has an important role when you try to treat light hair. This knowledge can be implemented on any make and model of machine.

Although very little machine specific knowledge can be conveyed to a next machine. Our training remains valid throughout your career.

During the boot camp, you will also learn how to combine technologies and treatment types. This is information that very few distributors or schools can provide you with. The cost and experiences necessary to great a knowledge base like this is simply out of reach for most trainers.

Payment options?

To benefit from the early registration discount of 12.5%, you have to register before or on 30 August 2021. Payment of R15000, on registration confirms your registration. The balance of R54900, must be paid before or on 15 December 2021.

Depending on your preferences you can keep with the two payments of R15000 and R54900. Or you can divide it into monthly payments of R13725, from September to December. If you make monthly payments, your final payment must be made before or on 30 December.

I have x years experience. I’ve already seen everything. Not only that, but I know what works, and why should I invest in this type of training?

This boot camp is not for everybody, and especially not for someone that already knows everything there is to know.

Since you’ve been reading up to this point, I do not believe that you’re from the ‘know-it-all category’.

It can take as little as one new idea to take your business and career to a whole new level. The people you will interact with during boot camp are not your average laser operator. These are people actively searching for better. Better in their skills and better in their businesses. There are very few other places where you will have this concentration of profession therapists and business owners. The best thing about successful people is that they like sharing ideas and talking about things that worked or haven’t worked for them.

A couple of years ago we had a participant on the boot camp who owned an additional attachment to her machine, which costed her thousands of dollars, that she simply was not comfortable using. During the boot camp, she finally ‘wrapped her mind around it’ and went back to her clinic to take this ‘dormant investment’ out of the draw and started using it. Within a year, she doubled her clinic. She suddenly added a new treatment line that a large part of her clientele also came for. She halved her risks, doubled the productivity of her equipment and for a large part grow the live time value of her clients.

No law requires this training, it’s a luxury.

Investing in your knowledge and skills is no luxury.

A simple test you can do is to look at the quality businesses and professionals you’re dealing with regularly and ask them what and how much they invest in their personal development.

Now, do the same with the mediocre and unprofessional people you have to deal with regularly.

The reason for the existence of this training is to put you years ahead of the competition. The idea of a level playing ground only exists to those not willing to invest in their growth and developed.

If you want to run a laser clinic with a R150 000+ monthly turnover, you will need more than an R30 000 beauty school education. This boot camp will only be one of the steps you need to prepare you for it.

I cannot be away from my business for a week, there will be nothing left to come back to.

If this is your scenario, you have a big problem and this boot camp is not going to fix it.

If you want to know what priorities to pay attention to and how to deal with things strategically, the boot camp will make a world of difference for you.

Can I bring the cost of this training into my business bookkeeping?

Yes, it is a legitimate business cost that you can fully bring into your bookkeeping.

Is it now a good time to invest in training following the COVID-19 pandemic and the financial downturn in many countries?

It is now the best time you will have in a long time to invest in your growth and skill developed. The businesses that will go under are mainly businesses that only ‘jumped on the bandwagon’ because they thought its easy money.

Let’s say the economy is down 10% (in most countries it’s more like 3% to 5%) and let’s say that a clinic who is in trouble losses 20% of its clientele due to the economic downturn.

If they have 50 active clients on their books, it scales down to 40 active clients. This may be enough to force the clinic to close down. Yet, there are 40 clients in the middle of their treatment program that will look for another clinic to complete their treatments.

Are you in a position now to attract those ‘orphan’ clientele and keep them for the long-run?

Why choosing Pecanwood Estate as location?

Pecanwood Estate offers the perfect environment to participate in a high-intensity training like the Aesthetic Boot Camp without clutter or distraction. It provides you with breathing space and a relaxed atmosphere to help you internalize the knowledge and let your thoughts order itself.

We specifically take you out of your daily environment to be able to focus on one thing alone – the boot camp.

The security at Pecanwood Estate is among the best we’ve ever encountered, and you have every utility at hand you can imagine. Even a medical emergency is no challenges since the estate has its own paramedics and emergency room on-site.

You have access to a 30-meter swimming pool, tennis courts, golf course, driving range, enough distance in the estate to run a marathon, gym and more… Of course, you will probably not make use of these. Because the time you have free, you will spend building new friendships and enjoy the most divine dinners with us.

If you do feel the need to get out of the estate, you find yourself in the ‘playground of Gauteng’ with every imaginable touristic attraction at hand.

And on top of it, it is really easily accessible from the airports.

Do you have a question that is still unanswered?

Let us know. You can phone us on +27 12 743 6444 (South Africa) or +32 488 428 609 (Belgium). You can also email


The investment for the Aesthetic Boot Camp is R79900

(€4566; USD $5492; CAD $6887; AUD $7398).

Early bird registration before 30 August 2021 is R69900

(€3995; USD $4804; CAD $6026; AUD $6472).

Almost early registrations between 31 August and 30 September 2021 is R75900

(€4337; USD $5217; CAD $6543; AUD $7028).

Requirements to register

This boot camp is suitable for complete beginners and do not require any prior learning to be able to train with us. Many of our students are not beauty trained and are looking to start up a business in the industry. We welcome students of all abilities, whether you are looking to start from scratch, or are currently working as a therapist, or run a salon/clinic and looking to advance your knowledge and skills.

How to register

Click on the button ‘Register Now’ below.

When we receive your registration form, we will provide you with a proforma including payment details.

On return of your signed proforma and receipt of R15000 registration deposit, your place is confirmed.


  • Your registrations is only confirmed on payment of the registration deposit of R15000.
  • Full refunds on cancellations will be made up to 30 November 2021.
  • Full payment is due before or on 15 December 2021.
  • In the event of the event being cancelled due to the current pandemic you will have the choice of a full refund if it is not rescheduled to take place before 31 December 2022.

Time is of the essence

This is not an opportunity that will remain indefinite.

If you want to make use of the early bird discount, you have to ensure that you register before 30 August 2021. This is a saving of 12.5%, R10000.

We have limited places available. Although we’ve done what we could to increase our capacity for this boot camp, we only have 12 places available. It is on a firstcomefirstserve basis.

This boot camp is NOT for everybody

If you’re happy with the results you have in your clinic and just want to carry on with the same for an indefinite time. You do not have any competition to deal with, nobody in your area can provide your clients with better serves and results than you. And on top of it, do not favour any change in the way you do things. This boot camp is CERTAINLY NOT for you.

If you have been in business for a while and feel that there are gaps in your knowledge that you need to fill, to be able to move to the next level, this boot camp is for you. This may include better results on your treatments, as well as optimized use of the equipment and resources you have available.

If you are new to the industry and feel overwhelmed or confused by all the contradictory information you get from suppliers and even ‘teachers’, this boot camp is for you.This allows you to start your career in the industry with advanced knowledge that puts you ahead in the game.

The information provided to you during this boot camp is scientifically based and accurate. It doesn’t favour one make or type of equipment above another, but provides you with a clear understand of the differences between equipment and what you can do or cannot do with a machine.

If you have done a previous boot camp with LaserCollege, this boot camp is worth doing as well. It is a completely renewed program that extends far beyond laser and light-based equipment.


This is a week long, life-time experience aimed at the professional aesthetic therapist and business owner. The knowledge you gain from this boot camp puts you ahead in the game.

We will share insider secrets with you about the industry, equipment distributors and treatments that you will not get anywhere else in the world.

The FREE bonuses you get with this boot camp is valued at R28710.

Your accommodation and all meals are included in the enrolment.

Apart from the educational program, we also make time for relaxation and networking with group dinner each day.

Additional activities include welcome drinks on Sunday, a sun-downer cruise on Wednesday and trying out some golf swings on Friday morning.

Three participants will win an enrolment for the Multidisciplinary Therapist Course, valued at R32310, in our lucky draw on Friday afternoon.