Student reviews

Althea, Beulah and Ané
Lee-Anne Lamb.
Dr. Amupolo from Namibia.

Were you expectation met by the course?

I enjoyed the course, I have learned so much about different laser equipments and how to use them. I think some videos were a bit outdated but they were helpful however.

I have enjoyed using the laser touch and seeing different results.

Do you think the price is fair?


Dr. Bikane from South Africa.

Were you expectation met by the course?

Oh, what an experience! I will recommend others to enroll for your courses. Your courses are scientific, professional and of high quality, I therefore cannot add or subtract anything from the contents of the courses. For my career move, I found the contents of these courses to be critically essential.

Do you think the price is fair?

Relatively to the courses contents the pricing is fair.

Rania Noman from Sweden.

Were your expectation met by the course?

I can say confidently yes!  As I had no idea at all about the difference between most of the laser types and their uses. Now its very much improvement for me.

What made you decide to do the course?

I was searching  for a laser course online as I have a baby and restricted in time to attend classes.  I am planning to work with laser in the future after my daughter starts kindergarden.

Do you think the price is fair?

Yes, I think the price is fair for me as I could afford it.

Emily Verwey from South Africa.

Where your expectations met by the course?

Definitely. I was absolutely blown away by the standard and amount of information in each module. I attended a Roadshow Clinical Seminar in Midrand on the 27th of November (2018), where an American Professor from Alma Lasers and a German Doctor from Best Lasers South Africa, demonstrated different Alma Lasers. Although I didn’t have any practical experiences on lasers, I knew exactly what they spoke about. The course helped me tremendously to understand the way not only lasers work, but the human skin and hair as well.  I think I am well equipped with knowledge to start my own business now.

What made you decide to do the course?

I have been fascinated by aesthetic lasers for a long time. I want to build a career and be able to assist other persons with difficulties regarding skin problems. I want to make a difference in somebody’s life. I once needed laser treatment that made a huge difference in my life.

Do you think the price is fair?

I feel the price is fair, I got more than I’ve expected from the course.

I just really want to thank you all for the great work you have done to enrich my life with this knowledge and the privilege to be able to study at Laser College. I will forever be thankful to you.

Tewsday Moore-Jones from Spain.

Where your expectations met by the course?

As a whole the course was completely different to what I expected. I expected a more practical and hands on course however was met by a more business side to running a laser clinic. I was pleasantly surprised by this as it helped me, not only to learn about the different types of laser, skin types and treatments, but also how to market them, how to deal with clients and how to financially support it. If I could change anything about the course it would be to add in a bit more information on the how to deal with client.

What made you decide to do the course?

I decided to start the course when I started a new job as a receptionist in cosmetic clinic. I became more and more interested in the treatments and wanted to further my knowledge.

Do you think the price is fair?

I think the course is fairly priced as I have seen others set at a much higher price.

Dr Shailja Dhir from India said:  

It was my pleasure to be a part of The best thing about the course is that it is not just a superficial study but is a complete conceptual based study of the subject. I enjoyed every bit of it, right from the Quantum physics to the medical application. The assignments given were challenging but very informative at the same time. Apart from the subject I learnt many more through these assignments. It will certainly help me in the future. I also enjoyed the videos and lectures very much. They are quite entertaining and interesting. Overall it was a fantastic journey through out and I will definitely recommend the course to other students as well.

Melanie Hollweck from South Africa said:

Thank you so much.

I liked the way the course is set up, the information provided is easy to follow as well as understand and I love how I can easily track my progress with the aid of the ticked boxes for sections completed. Most of the videos provided for each section helped me understand my study material better. 
The assistant from you was outstanding never bashing my many questions, I truly appreciate that.
The web site is easy to navigate and clear with all main questions answered and relevant information given. I also like the fact that the web site is set up in such a way that I can only access the next section of my course once the previous one is done since I feel I was so excited I would have most probably just jumped ahead without a system in place and most certainly confused myself.

I feel the instructions I was given were very clear to follow, and when I did feel confused due to my compulsive need to overthink everything, and sent an e mail to explain, I was always welcomed with open arms.

I would have loved to see more in depth examples and descriptions of treatments done with a laser, such as wound healing or wrinkle treatments, information such as treatment times and frequencies for best results etc. 
overall it was a informative and very well put together course and I would most definitely recommend this course, in fact I already have to a good friend of mine.

Loay Easo from Canada said:

I must admit that my knowledge base about LLLT prior to taking this course was very limited at best. This LLLT course was very well organized and well structured. For example, in order for one to understand how and what makes LLLT work / function and have such a profound effect / impact on intracellular / molecular signalling mechanisms, one must start from the beginning by first understanding the physics of Lasers and how they interact with matter / biological tissues. This LLLT course did an excellent job in explaining these difficult / challenging concepts. In addition, this course also was very helpful in explaining all the contraindications to LLLT as well as Laser therapy safety standards and regulations. Having established that, I gained valuable knowledge from taking this course. 

Yes, I would highly recommend this course to prospective students, bearing in mind that this course is not intended for those students who are looking for a two day/ weekend course, rather, this course is an intensive, comprehensive, well organized, professional LLLT course.

Beverley Roberts from South Africa said:

On the whole I found the course very useful perhaps, surprisingly, the assignments I least enjoyed doing. Otherwise there was a lot of information that makes me feel a little more familiar with the field I want to work in. Videos were helpful and entertaining.

Bonita Alfred from South Africa said:

Hope you good

I just want to thank you for the course I learned a lot.

Safron Fogarty from South Africa said:

I have thoroughly enjoyed the course!

I loved the therapy related assignments – would have liked more of these as I learnt a lot while researching

Johanna Martins from Finland said:

Thank you very much!

Yes, my experience with this course was very pleasant! It was challenging, yet interesting. I learnt a lot of new things, things that will be very helpful in the future. It has inspired me to think and develop new ideas for my future clinic. And really opened up the subject for me with great learning. I enjoyed the way it was taught and explained with lots of videos which made it more enjoyable.

If I had a complaint the only complaint would be the written answers on the tests. Because even if the answer is right, it will be marked wrong because it wasn’t written exactly the same as the answer. Otherwise it was fantastic and 100% worth it. Very happy and pleased that I joined this college. Thank you for the pleasant experience!

Adele Kruger

I have to say I love the laser course!

I didn’t have science in school and wanted to know how the laser beam gets produced and what happens “inside” so I found the 1st module very interesting and challenging. I didn’t know what the assessment would be about and I studied that professor’s full lecture in detail. The assignment on the laser companies and  distributors was very good for us laser therapist to get to know where your competition is and what they are using.  Module 2 and 3 was also very interesting for me.  However with assignment 3 It would be easier to do if you can give a better description as to where you will be giving marks as its easier to know what needs to be in the financial plan. I love the U tube clips with regards to the modules. With the skin and hair biology I would have liked to have a nice picture of all the different cells and where they lie in the skin. As well as with the hair follicle and the position of the cells.

Jessica Keen 

I have really enjoyed the course so far.  As someone who has little experience with these technologies I found that the course broke the subject matter down very well each time building on the information from the last topic – the structure and the flow of the course has been extremely helpful and I have learned a lot! 

I also really liked that you included the YouTube videos.  Because I’m very much a visual learner I find that I absorb information better when seeing it instead of just having reams and reams of printed notes.  I think this also keeps the course interesting.  

I have also learned a lot from the assignments in each module.  I think it’s brilliant that along with learning the theory,  you ask your students to think about their own businesses.  The exercises have really made me think and researching them has opened up a lot of doors to further learning and investigation.   

Including the LazerTouch in the course fee is also really fantastic.  It has been good to begin using the laser while still studying.  I actually wanted to let you know that since receiving the LazerTouch I have done two treatments on my mom who suffers from arthritis in her hands.  We only did one hand to see what the difference would be and she has no pain on that side which has been amazing!  

As far as what could possibly be added to the course I would say a section on machine purchasing would be really helpful.   I am currently looking into what machines to buy and I’m finding it quite confusing.  There is so much information out there and each company is obviously saying their machines are the best.  As mentioned in my previous email the differences in pricing is also incredible.  So I think it would be nice to have a guide which can let you know that if, for example, you are wanting to buy an IPL machine that you need to look out for certain specs.   I don’t know whether it would be possible to narrow down the information like this though?

Besides that it has also been really great to know that you are on the other side of the email so that if I do have any questions you are there to help.  I really appreciate your input, feedback, knowledge, experience and support and I’m sure that your other students also do.”

Reshmi Takoorparsadh

I opened a Laser Slimming Clinic and found myself bombarded with questions.  Concerns the public rightfully had to have answers for. My half a day training that basically covered only the machine operation did not give me any working knowledge of using.I searched for more information to improve my skills and found very little available.  The other training college also offered 1day courses.  This did not sit well with me at all; as I am a humanitarian at heart and need to be accountable to people around me; especially paying clients.

I discovered Laser College by chance and was taken with the professionalism and in-depth training programme. The modules were intensive and challenging; something I thoroughly enjoyed and would do it again in a heartbeat.   The modules forced me to get out my ‘comfort zone’ and truly apply myself to gain useful information in the professional beauty industry.

Especially and equally important to the actual Laser training is the ‘Informed Consent’ section that the course covers in detail.  This section is vital for anyone dealing with the public ; to pre-empt complications.

Thank you for giving me all the necessary tools to now expand my business further and increase my Medi-Spa range.  Your unbiased guidance is an invaluable tool to my business and me personally.  
Going through this course has given me confidence, knowing I have educated answers for my clients.

Laura van der Schyff

I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your fantastic level of quality education you  have been providing me with this course. Thank you for the amazing experience I gained at your online college! It has been half a YEAR that it took me to complete my studies, and while busy with the course, I not only gained a wealth of knowledge in my chosen laser career but also gained lifelong information about the adult life and how to begin my own laser clinic! You gave me the opportunity to be able to do what I love every day! Thank you so much!

At first I was totally stressed out because everything was English and my English was and still is very bad, but thanks to you that came to an end.  As the modules carried on it became more and more interesting. The first 4 modules wasn’t very interesting to me because it was more about the laser machines itself and I am more interested in the treatment and how to perform it. My favourite module was module 9, yes also because I was so close to finishing, but not only that also because it was about the consultation, pretreatment, the tretament and lots of information on performing the treatment.

Ive struggled  a bit with the last 2 assignments because Ive never had my own business, just finished school last year and I know that I still have lots to learn on building my own business. But thanks to you I have expand my  knowledge in connection with owning my own laser clinic one day. Thanks for all your extra information on how to buy and what type of laser to buy in South Africa according to the weather and sun exposure. I can not thank you enough for all your time, kindness when Ive struggled and the opportunity to have done this course.

Will always be thankfull”

Rachel Greene

To whom it may concern,

I would like to thank you for the intense support you have given me throughout this course. I came across the course on the Internet whilst sieving through courses which would best serve me, in my studies as well as profession. I have to say, I am incredibly grateful for the support you have given me from day one with direction as well as communication on a number of things. I have found this course very stimulating and have found it hugely beneficial as it has grown me as a person and increased the platform which I work on to continuously improve my skills. I am excited about the next journey I will embark on with regards to Advanced Cosmetic Laser. Although the course took dedication and discipline, it certainly was very interesting and stimulating which constitutes as a positive when one is working alone. I did feel that it was very easy to communicate with you and I thank you for that, open door. I look forward to growing within my self with my new qualification and will be certain to recommend The Laser College with the highest regard. Thank you.

Fatima Deedat

I was interested for a while in studying laser but unfortunately there wasn’t any course out there that offered it. I came across the course when I was looking at machinery and I am very lucky to have. The course material was easy to understand and broadened the horizon for opportunities  in the beauty industry. The videos were detailed and made each module more interesting. Besides the practical work the subject material also gave in depth of how to run a successful business.