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What we can do for you, in one sentence, is that we can help you as therapist get optimal results while helping your business maximizing your profits.


The LaserCollege is a  South African born company that has gone international. Our courses are underwritten by the Department of Health and the National Laser Center in South Africa. They are also accredited throughout the SADC and BRICS regions, all European Union member countries, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and many others.

We provide training on medical, aesthetic and therapeutic laser and other light based equipment since 2003. Our online courses cover a variety of subjects.

We are unique as a training institution in the sense that we are not linked in anyway nor have connections with manufacturers of laser equipment. Our training is unbiased and our approach is scientifically based.  A considerable part of our business comes from customers whom acquired laser equipment and found the training provided by the manufacturers and the protocols they make available are not sufficient to provide the treatment outcomes that live up to the patient´s expectations.  

Our onsite training on our client’s own equipment has a three tiered approach: we provide a theoretic background; establish the optimal parameters for various treatments on our client´s equipment and teach different treatment techniques.

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