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LaserCollege is part of the International School for Advanced Aesthetic Studies. Incorporated in the Republic of South Africa, with incorporation no. 2021/156015/07.

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Phone: 0027 12 743 6444
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Raymond Schoeman – Founder of LaserCollege

Raymond is the founder and Head Course Coordinator of LaserCollege. The leading authority in aesthetic laser training. LaserCollege helps successful industry leaders grow their business and become the local Authority in aesthetic lasers. Over 3200 laser therapist and aesthetic business owners, haul from all over the world completed a LaserCollege training. LaserCollege currently has students from most European Union countries, Australia, Canada and South Africa, to name a few.

Raymond is the author of two books; Textbook for Aesthetic Laser Therapy and Aesthetic Laser Treatments – Insider Secrets. The Textbook for Aesthetic Laser Therapy has also been translated to Dutch. “Handboek voor esthetische lasertherapie” has been accepted by the Dutch Royal Library into it’s Dutch Heritage Collection.

Raymond started his career in the aesthetic laser industry when he opened his first laser clinic in Pretoria, South Africa, anno 2000. Raymond was also at the head of ALC Lasers from 2003 to 2009, a company that distributed medical lasers. It was during this time that the first laser course was developed under the name of ALC Lasers Training. ALC Lasers then morphed into LaserCollege. And LaserCollege has become his main focus since 2011.

What we do.

LaserCollege provides science-based education to the aesthetic industry.

The vision of LaserCollege.

The ultimate vision of LaserCollege is to revolutionize and elevate the standard of education and practice in aesthetics by prioritizing evidence-based principles, scientific integrity, and client-centered care.

Some key elements that contribute to this vision include:

  1. Advancing Evidence-Based Practice: LaserCollege aims to foster a culture of evidence-based practice within the aesthetic industry. It promotes critical thinking, scientific inquiry, and a thorough understanding of research methodologies. Graduates are equipped with the skills to critically evaluate scientific literature, stay updated with emerging research, and apply evidence-based approaches to their practice.

  2. Bridging Science and Practice: LaserCollege emphasizes the integration of scientific knowledge and practical application. It ensures that graduates have a deep understanding of the underlying scientific principles and mechanisms behind aesthetic treatments. This knowledge enables them to make informed decisions, develop innovative approaches, and deliver safe and effective treatments that align with the latest advancements in the field.

  3. Promoting Client Safety and Care: LaserCollege prioritizes client safety, well-being, and satisfaction. It trains professionals to assess risks, identify contraindications, and develop personalized treatment plans that address individual needs and concerns. Graduates are trained to prioritize ethical standards, informed consent, and the overall welfare of their clients.

  4. Inspiring Professional Excellence: LaserCollege strives to inspire and nurture a community of aesthetic professionals who are committed to excellence. It provides comprehensive and rigorous training that equips graduates with the highest level of expertise and skills. LaserColelge supports ongoing professional development and encourages practitioners to continuously enhance their knowledge and techniques through advanced education, research collaboration, and participation in industry conferences and events.

  5. Fostering Collaboration and Innovation: LaserCollege encourages collaboration among professionals, researchers, and industry experts. It fosters an environment where knowledge-sharing, interdisciplinary collaboration, and innovation thrive. By bringing together experts from various fields, the institution aims to drive advancements in aesthetics, contribute to scientific research, and shape the future of the industry.

  6. Global Leadership and Influence: LaserCollege aspires to become a global leader in science-based aesthetic education. It aims to set industry standards, influence regulatory frameworks, and be recognized for its contributions to scientific advancements. Graduates of the institution are sought after internationally, and the institution’s research and expertise are respected and valued worldwide.

The ultimate vision of LaserCollege revolves around elevating the educational standards, promoting evidence-based practices, prioritizing client safety and care, inspiring professional excellence, fostering collaboration and innovation, and establishing global leadership and influence. This vision aims to shape the future of the aesthetic industry by emphasizing scientific integrity, advancing research, and ensuring the highest quality of education and practice.

To ensure that everyone within LaserCollege upholds this vision, the following strategies are implemented:

  1. Clear Communication and Alignment: LaserCollege clearly communicate its ultimate vision, mission, and core values to all employees, students and other parties. This ensures that everyone understands and aligns with the overarching goals and principles of LaserCollege.

  2. Leadership by Example: Leaders within LaserCollege serve as role models and embody the values and principles of the vision. They demonstrate a commitment to scientific integrity, evidence-based practice, and client-centered care. Through their actions and behavior, leaders set the tone and expectations for the entire organization.

  3. Training and Professional Development: LaserCollege invests in training and professional development programs that reinforce the science-based approach and provide ongoing education. This can include workshops, seminars, webinars, and conferences focused on the latest scientific advancements and evidence-based practices. By continuously enhancing the knowledge and skills of employees, LaserCollege ensures that they stay aligned with the vision.

  4. Performance Evaluation and Feedback: Performance assessments not only focus on technical skills but also on the application of scientific knowledge, adherence to evidence-based practices, and commitment to client safety. Constructive feedback and coaching can help employees align their actions with the vision.

  5. Collaborative Decision-Making: Encouraging collaborative decision-making processes within the organization ensure that multiple perspectives are considered and that decisions are aligned with the vision. Employees are empowered to contribute their ideas, expertise, and scientific insights, fostering a sense of ownership and commitment to the vision.

  6. Recognition and Rewards: LaserCollege established a recognition and rewards systems that acknowledge and celebrate individuals and teams who exemplify the vision. This include awards, incentives, or promotions based on demonstrated commitment to scientific integrity, evidence-based practice, and exceptional client care.

  7. Continuous Improvement and Evaluation: LaserCollege regularly evaluates its practices, programs, and outcomes to ensure they align with the vision. This can involve soliciting feedback from employees, students, and industry experts, as well as conducting internal audits and assessments. Continuous improvement efforts is driven by a commitment to advancing the science-based approach and addressing any areas of misalignment or improvement.

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