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LaserCollege is part of the International School for Advanced Aesthetic Studies. Incorporated in the Republic of South Africa, with incorporation no. 2021/156015/07.

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Postnet Suite 03
Private Bag X33
Lynnwood Ridge
Pretoria, South Africa

Phone: 0027 12 743 6444
Email: info@lasercollege.org

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Raymond Schoeman

Raymond is the founder and Head Course Coordinator of LaserCollege. The leading authority in aesthetic laser training. LaserCollege helps successful industry leaders grow their business and become the local Authority in aesthetic lasers. Over 3200 laser therapist and aesthetic business owners, haul from all over the world completed a LaserCollege training. LaserCollege currently has students from most European Union countries, Australia, Canada and South Africa, to name a few.

Raymond is the author of two books; Textbook for Aesthetic Laser Therapy and Aesthetic Laser Treatments – Insider Secrets. The Textbook for Aesthetic Laser Therapy has also been translated to Dutch. “Handboek voor esthetische lasertherapie” has been accepted by the Dutch Royal Library into it’s Dutch Heritage Collection.

Raymond started his career in the aesthetic laser industry when he opened his first laser clinic in Pretoria, South Africa, anno 2000. Raymond was also at the head of ALC Lasers from 2003 to 2009, a company that distributed medical lasers. It was during this time that the first laser course was developed under the name of ALC Lasers Training. ALC Lasers then morphed into LaserCollege. And LaserCollege has become his main focus since 2011.


Why choosing LaserCollege is the best decision you can make:

We guarantee you that you will discover the best training for aesthetic laser therapists at LaserCollege. It is not a vague guarantee with small print. It is a simple straight forward guarantee: We 100% guarantee you’ll love your LaserCollege course and that it will provide you with much more value than what you have paid for. If you completed the course and feel that it does not live up to this guarantee, LaserCollege shall refund you in full.

We do not provide quick, machine specific training. The end goal for the training we offer is to allow you to provide the ultimate solution to your clients. This means that you will be able to conceptualize a custom solution for your clients (in the most difficult cases) and implement it with any machine you have to your disposal. We are not going to disrupt your life and make you travel to a LaserCollege training centre to ‘train’ on a machine that has very little relevance to your career of business. We are not going to feed you a load of bullshit because we have invested in equipment that we now have to justify by creating a biased training.

The only hands-on training you will get from us is when we do an on-site training at your location and help you to translate the scientific fundamentals of laser therapy to reality with your equipment, the most effective way. Or when you attend a practical boot camp.

All our courses are scientific based and in-depth. We view it as the most advanced type of training available because it is void of any hype and ‘alternative’ facts. You discover the good and bad of the technologies and types of treatments.

You will be trained by people with practical, clinical experience. We define clinical experience as: have or are still providing laser treatments to paying clients in a professional capacity; and have completed multiple treatment courses for paying clients. We can answer your questions over the business behind laser therapy as well as your questions about laser therapy.

We do not pay for fake endorsements and peer recognition. We simply provide you with the best training you can buy and if you find that we fall short of this, please see our guarantee.


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