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We are committed. Are you?

Your brain is the most powerful tool on the planet. There is no amount of money that could ever buy it or reproduce it. You will create your career with the knowledge you have in your brain.


Managing your brain (and the thoughts within it) is the most important thing you will ever do to create your desired success. Filling your thoughts with the right knowledge will excel you beyond what you can imagine.

The LaserCollege has the latest technology and cutting edge training to grow your knowledge and skills, and therefore success. The information and techniques is simple to learn and inspiring to apply immediately.


Nobody else teaches you the science behind laser and light therapy!

We help you to develop your mind to make your dreams come true.


We teach you the first principles of laser and light therapy.


We teach you laser safety and client interaction.


We teach you advanced procedures and techniques.


We teach you how to take massive action.

At the LaserCollege, there are three ways to work with us: Scientific online training and the Laser Therapist Boot Camp, as well as private on-site training.

If you want to become a scientifically educated laser therapist, you will join one of our online courses by clicking here. This is our world class online learning platform where you get masterful training.

The Laser Therapist Boot Camp is our exclusive high-intensity training week. It is only available to those who excelled in the Advanced Aesthetic Laser Therapist course. If you want to take part in the Laser Therapist Boot Camp, you can apply by clicking here.

We provide you with tailor-made on-site training for your hospital, clinic, organisation or school. We are not manufacturer affiliated and can thus provide independent training on all makes and models of laser and light equipment. Click here to contact us about your training needs

No other school even comes close. We look forward to working with you.